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Archwizard Twelvane
Location Sanity's Edge
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health Normal5,112,387Veteran17,464,648Veteran(?) (hard mode) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Archwizard Twelvane is a Khajiit mage found within Sanity's Edge. Despite the similarities in appearance, she is not Wizard Twelvane and hostile figment of Warlock Vanton's imagination who is under the influence of Ansuul the Tormentor.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

not sure if there is related dialogue before this
Archwizard Twelvane: "This one created a creature with magic in its veins. It will rip you all to pieces!"

Once you enter the Chimera's Den, you will find Archwizard Twelvane talking to the spectral Warlock Vanton while Ansuul watches in the background:

Archwizard Twelvane: "Why do you still hesitate, Vanton?"
Archwizard Twelvane: "With the beast, no one can stand in our way. Look!"

Dialogue trigger? Could be for idling before or starting combat

Archwizard Twelvane: "Resistance? This one will crush you like the rest."

During the fight, Twelvane will call out the following:

Archwizard Twelvane: "You're too weak to stop the Mages Guild."

If you are assigned the gryphon constellation, you may hear her say:

Archwizard Twelvane: "By the gryphon's freezing winds, we will have order!"
Archwizard Twelvane: "Freeze to death in the house of gryphons."

If you are assigned the lion constellation, you may hear her say:

Archwizard Twelvane: "Burn beneath the house of the lion!"
Archwizard Twelvane: "Submit to the lion's flame!"

If you are assigned the wamasu constellation, you may hear her say:

Archwizard Twelvane: "Wamasu! Send your storms!"

During the Control Sequence Puzzles[verification needed — dialogue may be triggered by failing the puzzle]:

Archwizard Twelvane: "Take all the time you need, it won't change anything."
Archwizard Twelvane: "Even the simplest of adepts and casters solved this puzzle."
Archwizard Twelvane: "Such mental prowess. Twelvane trembles in her robes."
Archwizard Twelvane: "This one will dispatch one of your friends with every failure."
Archwizard Twelvane: "It's a simple illumination sequence and you still failed?"
Archwizard Twelvane: "This one will never be cowed by idiots."
Archwizard Twelvane: "Your mind is as graceful as a kitten tangled in yarn."
Archwizard Twelvane: "If you need a hint, this fight will end before it's even begun."
Archwizard Twelvane: "Look, Vanton. Bask in the intelligence of your saviors."
Archwizard Twelvane: "Each sequence builds this one's power."

After Archwizard Twelvane is defeated:

Archwizard Twelvane: "No! We will not be defeated by the likes of you."
<Archwizard Twelvane dies>
Ansuul the Tormentor: "Even when you have more power than you could dream of, you fail. You're nothing without me."
Warlock Vanton: "That's not true. You're wrong. This feels … wrong."
Ansuul the Tormentor: "I'm wrong? You're the one who failed time and time again. You need me, Vanton."
Ansuul the Tormentor: "Open your mind. Let me in. Together, we can be strong."

Skills & Abilities[edit]

Coruscating Orb
Archwizard Twelvane summons the Coruscating Orb during the fight.
Ice Cage
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