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An AMMO record contains data for an arrow, the only form of ranged ammunition that comes with the game.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID EditorID zstring Record Editor ID
+ FULL ItemName zstring Full item name
- MODL Model zstring World model filename
Unknown float An optional record that is always 4 bytes in size (confirmed) and seems to contain a float value. Its most common value seems to be 0. Its purpose is unknown (also found in other records).
Unknown struct[24] These records appear to be optional and usually follows a MOBD record. They are always 24 bytes (confirmed) in size when they appear in AMMO records (are different size in other records). The subrecord contains binary data in no obivous format or purpose.
- ICON Icon zstring Inventory icon filename
- ENAM Enchantment formid The formid of an enchantment applied to the item. If this subrecord is not present it means the item has no enchantment.
- ANAM EnchantmentPoints ushort Holds the enchantment points of the item. If this subrecord is not present the item has no enchantment points.
+ DATA ammodata struct[18] Ammo data structure
float Ammo speed value.
ulong Ammo specific flags.
1 = Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance
ulong Item value
float Item weight
ushort Ammo damage