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This method is not recommended on this site because it is hard to manage, but there are methods that can help with managing mods here as well.


Make sure you have read the intro paragraph on the main installation page. This method of installation is not recommended for a few reasons, the main one being that mod archives are sometimes not packaged "correctly," and users often extract them carelessly. Furthermore, before the archive is extracted, you do not know what the archive actually contains. What if you accidentally overwrite a file used by another mod? You have to uninstall the mod you just installed and/or reinstall the old mod, if you remember which mod that was. Please, install a mod managing utility (i.e., OBMM.) It will facilitate the installation and record-keeping, but if you insist...After you have read the readme and, afterward, checked the archive, go ahead and extract it from the proper location.


Double-check the readme before you begin deleting files. After deleting the files, if another mod needed a file that was removed--in the case that the mods overlapped--reinstall that mod. It is best to use TES4Files, but that only works for mods with plugins.

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