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This is the Roleplaying Ideas page, which contains lists of users' roleplaying ideas. Roleplaying is an optional way of playing the game, by playing as if your character has a personality and preferences beyond the game's basic statistics, such as a backstory or playing with increased realism.

Under the ten roleplaying character types listed below, you can view the different types of user-created roleplaying ideas. Anyone is free to view these pages. To list your own ideas, you must have an account. After having an account, you can click the button below to create your own Roleplaying Idea page, where you will list all your ideas. When you start this page, you will see {{Roleplaying|Title of your Role|Role Group}}. Add a section title (usually the title of your roleplay), and fill out the template by including the title of your roleplay idea and the role which it falls under. You can choose a role group from the character types listed below, i.e. Assassin or Mage or etc. When you have written your idea, save your page, and your addition should be seen on the main page. You can make multiple entries on your Roleplaying Ideas page; just click the button below to create each additional entry. If you need help setting up your Ideas page, see the example below, or bring your problem up on the talk page.

Click the button below to create a new roleplaying idea:

Guidelines: There are a couple of things to consider when creating your own roleplaying types:

  • Leave out profanity and nonsense in your ideas.
  • Please only create one Roleplaying Ideas page, and not one for every idea.
  • Please keep the spelling and grammar mistakes to a minimum. Your idea must be readable to other users. If you want, you can add a notice to your Roleplaying Ideas page stating that other users are allowed to fix spelling mistakes in your ideas.
  • Use "show preview", and avoid too many single edits to one page. If possible, make all your changes in just one edit.


This serves as an example as to how to create a Roleplaying Ideas page and how the setup should look if adding your idea. You may use any of the ideas that the example has and expand upon them (or, you can come up with your own roleplaying idea). Do not edit any of the ideas listed on the example's roleplaying page.

The example's Ideas page can be seen here. Example has two roleplaying ideas: Blade and Frankenstein. Above his Blade description, he filled out the template {{Roleplaying|Blade|Fighter}}. This added his idea to the Fighter page, where other users can see it. Example did the same thing with Frankenstein by clicking the button again, adding {{Roleplaying|Frankenstein|Scientist}} in a new section on his page. Both of his roleplaying ideas can now be seen on their respective pages, as well as on the Main User Roleplaying Page.

Character Types (Roles)[edit]

The ten character types below serve as basic ideas of common roleplaying types. You can browse the various user created ideas to see their roleplaying variations of these types. You are not allowed to edit another user's ideas unless they have a notice on their roleplaying page saying so. If you are creating a roleplaying idea for your page, these are the Roles from which you may add to the Role Group for your idea (i.e. you would put Fighter in your role group and etc.). All user ideas can be seen on this page.





  • User Guard Ideas: Use your skills to serve and protect - or harass and oppress - the citizens of Cyrodiil.




Religious Enthusiast[edit]


Wilderness Dweller[edit]