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Some random Oblivion worlds contain cave sequences whose sections are randomly selected from a large series of possible caves. A single cave section is selected much like a random Oblivion world is selected when entering a Gate to Oblivion. Each cave section consists of a single entrance and a single exit. The outside entrance to a random cave sequence is labeled Nether Tunnels and interior doors from one zone to another are labeled Oblivion Cave. The cave sequence is divided into three zones (start, middle and end), each of which can be any of seven different layouts. There is a 50% chance that the middle zone is skipped.

In some worlds it is possible to enter a random cave system from either end, which can cause some glitchy behavior. Since the game randomly selects a cave section when entering the door that leads to the next section, the full sequence is only completed when you follow the entire sequence from begin to end. So if you interrupt the sequence, and instead return to the surface and enter the cave sequence from the other end an issue will arise. Instead of entering the first cave sequence from the other, as you would expect, a new sequence is started. This will result in both sequences having a dead-end, which is problematic if a sequence holds a cave section that requires you to drop down (one way), as you cannot go back. When you reach the dead-end, the final door will not lead you back to the surface and a simple message stating that "This door leads nowhere" will appear. Entering the other end of a cave sequence after you have exited through the right exit before will not create any problems.

Cave sections[edit]

Distinguishing which precise cave section you are in is not so easy. But there are elements that allow you to recognize the right cave section. When you first enter a cave section, open your map to see the name of the cave section you're in. That will narrow down the possible sections to either 3 or 4. Use the given images and descriptions to determine which cave section you're in.

The Hate Tunnels[edit]

#1: Upon entering you will notice the holes in the floor.
#3: You will notice the hole in the ground and the Fleshy Pod next to it.
#5: You can see a tunnel leading down from the first area.
#7: The first area will slowly bend to the left.

Worm Gut Channels[edit]

#2: You will notice a rock pillar with a Fleshy Pod behind it.
#4: The first area holds two Fleshy Pods.
#6: You will arrive at a crossing with tunnels leading in every direction.

Molten Halls[edit]

#1: You can recognize the distinct lava veins that run through the rocks.
#3: There is a wall right from the only path from the entrance, leading down.
#5: You can see some debris lying at the back end of the first area you arrive in.
#7: The path leading down from the entrance is covered by part of a structure.

The Fume Vaults[edit]

#2: You can recognize the hole in the ceiling.
#4: There are a few pits with smoke coming out of them in the first area.
#6: You can see the base of a tower in the distance.

Mire of Ash[edit]

#1: There is a Fleshy Pod visible down the path.
#3: There are two tunnels leading in different directions.
#5: You will find some rubble lying on the ground of the first area.
#7: There is a good deal of debris lying around.

The Scratch Paths[edit]

#2: You will notice two Fleshy Pods hanging in the first area.
#4: There are two bases of pillars standing in the first area.
#6: The first area has two rock pillars in it.