Lore:The Hidden Tunnels of Orsinium

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The Hidden Tunnels of Orsinium
An excerpt from "Secrets of an Orc City"

When next the Orcs decided to rebuild the city of Orsinium, they determined to create a series of tunnels beneath the streets that would serve as an escape route should the city ever again fall under siege. These tunnels still exist in the current day, with the newest stones of Orsinium being laid atop their foundation.

As the king's workers continue to build the city, some of the tunnels have been sealed off or even collapsed. But many of the tunnels, hidden beneath the ancient foundations of older structures, continue to crisscross below the city streets. One of the most famous of these tunnels, described in the fictional account "The Battle of Orsinium," is the Temple Tunnel, which was said to run from beneath the temple in Orsinium to the mountains behind Scarp Keep.

According to the work of fiction mentioned above, a secret passage guarded the way to the tunnel. To access the tunnel, at least in the story, the high chief's son had to solve a riddle to open the secret passage.

I look forward to a time when the priests of the temple allow me the opportunity to attempt to open the secret passage. Then we can determine once and for all whether Bangor the Liar's tale is based on facts or truly is a complete work of fiction.