Lore:Telquelie, scholar of Ayleid history

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Telquelie, scholar of Ayleid history
A scholar's notes on the downfall of the Ayleids

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“It is a shame that the Men of old, in their typical short-sighted manner, obliterated so much of Ayleid culture when they rebelled against their masters. There are scant few structures that were not destroyed in the uprising or breached and pillaged afterward. The losses in history and magical knowledge that we have suffered at the hasty hands of Men intent on wiping out all trace of our kin are substantial.
The Ayleids split from the traditions of the Altmer—which was certainly folly and must have contributed in part to their eventual downfall. Perhaps their methods of attempting to instill Elven values in Men were a bit forceful and crude, but it is still a tragedy that so little of them remains, especially in regards to their highly-advanced magical techniques.”