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Tamrielic Twins of Myth
A brief excerpt on twins in Tamrielic folklore

An Introduction to Tamrielic Twins of Myth

If you have not had the pleasure to travel the far reaches of Tamriel, let me paint you a picture. Imagine the crisp air of Frostfall. The last rays of daylight slowly disappearing behind some great and majestic mountain range. You stand before a warm and cozy inn, or a kind stranger's home, or some such hearth where your needs for the night will be met. Before shuffling off the weight of the day, you take one last look at the darkening sky. And what do you see? Twins.

Jone and Jode stand as testament to the potency of twins in Tamrielic mythology. But, there's a sad truth I must share. Many of the greatest myths and legends have never been put to paper. I know, I know. I can already feel the collective shudder that passed over scholars of storytelling, but it's true. In all my travels, the most potent and vibrant stories are the ones shared to young ones around a campfire. It is a great honor to be able to share three of these stories with you, but I want to be clear. This is a privilege. These tales are to be cherished, not picked apart with academic precision.

The first of these stories was told to me while an Argonian hatchling chewed on my leather bound journal. The tale of Argonian twins Izzik and Tweer who wandered too deep into the bowels of an ancient xanmeer. Then we'll travel to the coasts of the Systres where Maormer twins Chrysina and Ohmirril dive deep into cursed Sload waters. Finally, we'll close with a Nord myth. The story of Filnrig and Rhainna, who woke to find themselves lost inside a magical blizzard.