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Talin is a forename of some significance during the Imperial Simulacrum. It can refer to either the Eternal Champion,[nb 1] and/or the Champion's parental guardian, General Talin Warhaft.[nb 2]


  • ^1  In the English edition of the Arena Player's Guide,[1] as well as some official screenshots,[nb 3] Talin is used as the name of a male player character for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. The use of the name in these screenshot may just have been presented as an example identity, as several other names were also featured in other official screenshots.[2] Regardless, it later became a policy of Bethesda to avoid canonizing the identities of player characters (including the Eternal Champion), so as to not cheapen the player's own personal experiences in the games.[UOL 1]
  • ^2  Refer to the notes section of the Talin Warhaft lore page for a corroborated explanation regarding Warhaft's guardianship of the Eternal Champion.



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Note: The following references are considered to be unofficial sources. They are included to round off this article and may not be authoritative or conclusive.

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