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"We are a gentle folk," the wood elf bard said in his musical voice, "yet Zenithar can no longer be restrained. And if he wars against you, the other elven gods stand with him! If the gods war, Tamriel itself may be destroyed. You may find daedra to stand with you; they love chaos. But I think you will find that not even Springseed, Ebonarm, and Mara will fight for you if you defy them further." —King Edward, Part X

Springseed is an unknown deity, described as a handsome blond man, green-clad, with a bow.[1]

According to the story of King Edward, at some point in history, this entity, alongside Mara, Jephre, Ebonarm and several other gods partook in the trial of Sai, God of Luck.[1] Jephre believed that Springseed was more sympathetic towards Sai's cause than the other gods. It is implied that he too once took a mortal wife and sired offspring.[1]

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