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DF-npc-Skakmat (face).png
Skakmat the Dragon
Race Dragon Gender Male[UOL 1]
Resided in High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall

Skakmat was a dragon who lived in High Rock during the Third Era, serving as the familiar of the renowned mystic Nulfaga, the Dowager Queen of Daggerfall.[1][2] During the War of Betony, Nulfaga foresaw doom for Daggerfall and her son, King Lysandus. After he continued to ignore her warnings, the sorceress retired to Castle Shedungent, leaving Skakmat behind to report on happenings in the kingdom.[1][3][4]

Nulfaga’s departure did cause Lysandus to reconsider the war, but an attempt at peace failed and the kingdoms of Daggerfall and Sentinel set up for a climactic battle at Cryngaine Field.[1][3][4] The fighting had just begun when a sudden, unnatural fog descended upon the field of battle.[1][3][4] While historians have attributed this phenomenon to "foul daedric magical tricks"[4] it was actually created by Skakmat, under Nulfaga’s orders, as one final attempt to halt the battle and spare her son from death.[1] The fog blinded the combatants, and when it lifted King Lysandus was found dead, shot by an archer.[3][4] In reality, the "king" was an impersonator, shot by Daggerfall's Prince Gothryd in a successful attempt to feign his father's death.[1] Ironically, when Nulfaga received word of Lysandus' death at the battle, it drove her mad.[5]


  • Skakmat is never mentioned in any of the games. It exists as a character in the data files of TES II: Daggerfall, and its role in the War of Betony is mentioned in The Daggerfall Chronicles.
  • According to an interview with developer Ted Peterson, it was originally planned that you would befriend Skakmat and he would show you the way to Nulfaga's home, Shedungent.[UOL 1]

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