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Imperial Politics (Excerpt)
An excerpt noting the importance of Chancellor Abnur Tharn's leadership in the Second Era

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Members of the Elder Council serve the Emperor and the people of the Empire, managing routine affairs and providing stable conditions for the Emperor's reign. They are typically concerned with taxation, infrastructure, and minor legislation (over which the Emperor has the power of veto). Appointment to the Council is both an honor and a burden, though some nobles view it only as a means to obtain more power and influence.
In recent years, the importance of the Council has been proven over and over again. With the frequent turmoil and changes in Emperorship, the Council has maintained what degree of order it can under the leadership of Chancellor Abnur Tharn. Without his guidance to many neophyte Emperors, the Empire would surely have disintegrated entirely by this point, and though there is much to reclaim, there is no doubt that a man such as Chancellor Tharn—long-lived, educated in every sphere, and well-versed in political maneuverings—will be instrumental in rebuilding what has been lost.