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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Pale
Appears in Arena, Skyrim
Helarchen Creek during the Imperial Simulacrum
Heljarchen Hall

Heljarchen (also called Helarchen Creek)[1] is a historical settlement located in the region known as the Pale, within the province of Skyrim. It is found on the edge of the Pale, where the mountains descend into the great plains of Whiterun Hold. By the Fourth Era the original settlement had been abandoned and a private homestead known as Heljarchen Hall was constructed on the land.[2]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Helarchen Creek was an active settlement, being ruled by Lady Ingte. It had a rivalry with Laintar Dale and Dunpar Wall.[1] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Dawnstar to the northwest, Dunpar Wall to the southwest, and Winterhold to the northeast.[3]

By 4E 201, the area had become entirely abandoned. The jarl of Dawnstar offered to sell the land to the Last Dragonborn as a private estate for the purpose of constructing a homestead and wheat mill known as Heljarchen Hall.[4]


  • Cut files from Skyrim suggest that the Nightgate Inn of Lake Yorgrim was meant to be part of a village known as Heljarchen, which would have contained an apothecary, a blacksmith, and a few farmhouses. However, only Nightgate Inn made it into the final game, and the rest of the settlement was cut.

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