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This page contains text from the old History of Tamriel section of Xanathar's Library, precursor to The Imperial Library. Much of this information comes from Bethesda's internal timeline documents sent to Xanathar around the year 2000, unique and not found in any of the games, and is therefore listed here to be used as a reference in lore articles. The original pages can be found here.

Dawn Era
The Cosmos is formed from the Aurbis [chaos, or totality] by Anu and Padomay.
Akatosh (Auriel) forms and Time starts. Gods (et'Ada) form.
Lorkhan convinces/tricks the Gods to create the mortal plane, Nirn. The mortal plane is highly magical and dangerous. As the Gods walk, its physical make-up and even time itself becomes unstable.
When Magic (Magnus), architect of the plans for the mortal world, decides to terminate this project, the Gods convene at the Adamantine Tower [Direnni Tower, the oldest known structure in Tamriel] and decide what to do. Most leave when Magic does. Others sacrifice themselves into other forms to Stay (the Ehlnofey). In most accounts, Lorkhan is condemned to exile in the mortal realms, and his heart is torn out and cast from the Tower. Where it lands a Volcano forms. With Magic (in the Mythic Sense) gone, the Cosmos stabilizes. Elven history, finally linear, begins (ME2500).
Merethic Era
c. ME-2500 Supposed date of construction of the Adamantine Tower on Balfiera Island in High Rock, the oldest known structure of Tamriel. Earliest historical date in unpublished Elvish chronicles.
Early Merethic Era Aboriginal beastpeoples [ancestors of the Khajiit, Argonian, Orcish, and other beastfolk] live in preliterate communities throughout Tamriel.
Middle Merethic Era
  • Aldmeri [Elves] leave the doomed and now-lost continent of Aldmeris (also known as 'Old Ehlnofey') and settle Tamriel. First colonies are distributed widely along the entire coast of Tamriel. Later inland settlements were founded primarily in fertile lowlands in southwest and central Tamriel. The sophisticated, literate, technologically advanced Aldmeri culture drove the primitive beastfolk into the jungles, marshes, mountains, and wastelands. The Adamantine Tower is rediscovered and captured by the Direnni, a prominent and powerful Aldmeri clan. Crystal Tower is built on Summerset Isle and, later, White Gold Tower in Cyrodiil.
  • The Ayleids [Wild Elves] flourish in the jungles surrounding White Gold Tower (present day Cyrodiil). Wild Elves, also known as the Heartland High Elves, preserved the Dawn Era magicks and language of the Ehlnofey. Ostensibly a tribute-land to the High King of Alinor, Cyrodiil was often so isolated from the Summerset Isles as to be its own sovereign nation.
  • The Dwemer [Dwarves], a free-thinking, reclusive Elven clan devoted to the secrets of science, engineering, and alchemy, established underground cities and communities in the mountain range (later the Velothi Mountains) separating modern Skyrim and Morrowind.
  • The Chimer [ancestors of the modern Dunmer, or Dark Elves], dynamic, ambitious, long-lived Elven clans devoted to fundamentalist ancestor worship, followed the Prophet Veloth out of ancestral Elven homelands to settle in the lands now known as Morrowind. Despising the secular culture and profane practices of the Dwemer, the Chimer also coveted the lands and resources of the Dwemer, and for centuries provoked them with minor raids and territorial disputes.
Late Merethic Era
  • Pre-literate humans, the so-called "Nedic Peoples", from the continent of Atmora (also 'Altmora' or 'the Elder Wood' in Aldmeris) migrate and settle in northern Tamriel.
  • Nordic hero Ysgramor, leader of a great colonizing fleet to Tamriel, develops a runic transcription of Nordic speech based on Elvish principles, and is the first human historian. Ysgramor's fleet lands at Hsaarik Head at the extreme northern tip of Skyrim's Broken Cape. The Nords build there the legendary city of Saarthal. The Elves drive the Men away during the Night of Tears, but Ysgramor soon returns with his Five Hundred Companions.
Merethic Era - 1E660 An immortal hero, warrior, sorceror, and king variously known as Pelinal Whitestrake, Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir, Hans the Fox, etc., wanders Tamriel, gathering armies, conquering lands, ruling, then abandoning his kingdoms to wander again.
First Era
1E1 Camoran Dynasty of Valenwood is founded by King Eplear. The Wood Elves (Ayleids) of White Gold Tower in the Cyrodiil heartland use this newly formed kingdom as the buffer from the influence of Alinor (Summurset Isle) kingdom. Following this event the White Gold Tower becomes an independent city-state.
1E143 King Harald conquers Skyrim.
1E221 King Harald dies. King Hjalmer takes the throne.
1E222 King Hjalmer dies and his youngest son, King Vrage the Gifted become the next king.
1E240 Skyrim conquers Morrowind and High Rock.
1E242 Alessia, also known as the Slave Queen, with her followers rebelled against the rule of White Gold Tower. And soon, with the help of Skyrim these 'Allesian Army' eventually conquers the Cyrodiil heartland.
1E243 The White Gold Tower finally falls, and the remaining Ayleids seek refuge in the Valenwood's Camoran Dynasty. Some famous human heroes are Morihaus, who leads the attack of White Gold Tower, and Pelinal Whitestrake, who suggests the massacre of the Ayleids.
1E243-1E498 The new kingdom of human, under the rule of Empress Alessia, prospers and rule the nearest kingdoms of Colovia. They slowly build the strong national identity as they slowly become the most populous culture of Tamriel.

Later the Empress Allesia creates the new religion of the Eight Divines, based on the religion of the Nords and the former human slaves of White Gold Tower.

Also in this period the first Elder Council is formed, and also the first Imperial College of Battlemages.

1E246 Daggerfall of High Rock is founded.
1E266 Shezarr, the missing sibling god of the Eight Divines, arrives at the White Gold Tower in the Imperial City and transforms the dying Alessia into the first of the Cyrodilic saints.

Thus Empress Alessia becomes the first gem in the Cyrodilic Amulet of Kings. The Elder Council elects Belharza the Man-Bull as the second Emperor of Cyrodiil.

1E355 Clan Direnni, the only known High Elven ruling family remaining inhuman lands, rise through political maneuvering and questionable machinations.
1E358 The joined army of Cyrodiil, under Emperor Ami-El, and Skyrim Empire attacks the Clan Direnni in the Western Reach of High Rock.
1E361 The Alessian Doctrines enforced throughout Cyrodilic Heartland and northern Tamriel.

The Alessian Doctrines are the very strict religious teachings of the monkey prophet, Marukh. Maruhk reportedly receives painful visions from ghost of the Slave-Queen Alessia, calling for a worldwide overthrow of Elven rule and a suppression of the Elven elements of the Eight Divines. They enforce strict codes of behavior which preclude most forms of entertainment.

1E369-1E420 The War of Succession at Skyrim and the fall of Nord Empire. The war starts after the Wild Hunt (a group of very powerful transformed Bosmers/Ayleids) kills King Borgas of Winterhold. Later in the 1E420 the War of Succesion is finally ended with the Pact of Chieftains. But Skyrim already lose High Rock, Cyrodiil and Morrowind.
1E401-1E415 Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking unite the Chimer and Dwemer of Morrowind against the occupying forces of Skyrim.
1E416 Nords are driven out of Morrowind. Resdayn is founded as united Chimeri and Dwemeri Kingdom. Nerevar and Dumac unanimously are elected as Leaders of the first Council of Resdayn.
1E416-1E668 Resdayn flourishes under the leadership of Dumac and Nerevar. Peace among the Chimer, and between the elves and the dwarves, brings an unprecedented prosperity and flowering of both cultures.
1E477 Clan Direnni conquers High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.
1E479 Ryan Direnni outlaws the Alessian Reform and puts its major advocates to death. Direnni forces begin to harass the Colovian West, pushing for the Heartland.
1E482 Direnni Clan, under the command of Aiden Direnni, defeats the Allesian Army at Glenumbria Moor, however the cost of this victorius battle is dearly for the elves, and this war weakens their power.
1E498 The weakened Direnni Clan, in the end finally falls to the hand of Cyrodiil Empire.

The early conflict between Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

1E500 Almost all High Rock is freed from the elven tyranny.
circa 1E500 Skyrim, under King Wulfharth (also called Ysmir), submits to a fiery reinstatement of the traditional Nordic pantheon. Alessian temples are destroyed, and remnants of its priesthood seek refuge in the Heartland.
1E609 King Thagore of Daggerfall defeats the army of Glenpoint and Daggerfall becomes the most powerful kingdom in southern High Rock.
1E668 The Vvardenfell Mountain erupts destroying the dwarven kingdom in Morrowind.
1E800 Wayrest, the tiny village of traders and fishermen is founded.
1E808 Yokudan arrives at Hammerfell. The warrior wave of Yokudan or "Ra Gada" drive the beastfolks and the nedic settlement out of the land. From Ra Gada the Yokudans later got the name Redguard; and they claimed Hammerfell as their homeland. The beastfolk refugees escape from Hammerfell and join the orcs at Orsinium.
1E950-1E980 The joining armies of Daggerfall, Sentinel and Order of Diagna attacks and destroys Orsinium, the Orcs capitol and base. This event is named "Siege of Orsinium".
1E1029 Empress Herta of Cyrodiil strengthens the Colovian West and expand the border of Cyrodiil Empire to High Rock. The relations with Skyrim improve a bit.
1E1100 The downfall of Orsinium kingdom made a small village Wayrest become a major trade city in Bjoulsae River and later in this year Wayrest become a kingdom.
1E1427 The Battle of Duncreigh Bridge in Sensford.
1E2000 The Thrassian Plague destroys over half the population of Tamriel. The plague is released by a tribe of beastmen called Sload from the coral kingdom of Thras.
1E2703 Reman I of Cyrodiil rallies the Nibenay Valley's army to join Colovian Estate's army and destroys the Akaviri invasion at Pale Pass of Skyrim.
1E2813 Cyrodilic became language of all legal documents, replacing High Elven. Cyrodilic is the ancestor of modern Tamrielic language.
1E2837 Imperial province of Black Marsh is formed. Elves called this area Argonia.
Second Era
2E230 The first Mages Guild is formed.
2E309 Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pellitine combines their long-feuding kingdoms to create Elsweyr.
2E324 One of the member of Morag Tong assasinates Potentate Versidue-Shaie in his palace in what is today the Elsweyr kingdom of Senchal. Following that event Morag Tong is outlawed throughout the continent.
2E360? Some of the ex-members of the Morag Tong form secretly The Dark Brotherhood.
2E430 The Colovian Emperor Potentate Savirien-Chorak and every one of his heirs is murdered by The Dark Brotherhood/Morag Tong. Shortly the Second Empire of Cyrodiil colapsed.
2E431 One year after the death of Emperor Potentate Savirien-Chorak, Orsinium lose the status of Imperial teritory.
2E560-2E601 The Knahaten Flu, called the Crimson Plague, plagued South East Tamriel, destroying several native tribes in Black Marsh. The reptilian Argonians alone among the tribes of Black Marsh are immune to the plague, leading to speculation, not entirely discredited by modern researchers, that a genocidal Argonian mage created the plague for his people.
2E830 The Aldmeri dominion is formed, consists of Summurset Isle and Valenwood.
2E839 Cyrus the famous Redguard mercenary is born.
2E862 The High King of Hammerfell Thassad II is killed by his court treachery of Forebears, the nobles of Hammerfell Empire. Crown Prince A'tor, son of Thassad II and heir to Hammerfell, lead his forces in continual victory over the Forebears. But the Forebears with the help of Tiber Septim's navy lead by Lord Admiral Amiel Richton finally destroys Prince A'tor at the harbor of Stros M'kai.
2E865 Symmachus, future husband to Barenziah, is born.
2E893 Barenziah, future Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, is born.
2E896 Tiber Septim of Cyrodiil conquers all Tamriel by the help of his Battlemage Zurin Arctus and the great Numidium (Apparently this is one of the Dwarven Artifacts).
Third Era
3E1 Tiber Septim starts the 3rd era. Tiber Septim betrays his Imperial Battlemage, and the Battlemage become The Underking.
3E38 Tiber Septim dies, Pelagius I takes the throne.
3E41 Pelagius I is assassinated by The Dark Brotherhood. Kyntira I become The Emperess of Tamriel, but soon the throne come to Uriel I. During Uriel I reign, the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild increase in prominence throughout Tamriel.
3E64 Uriel I dies, Uriel II take the throne. Tragically, the rule of Uriel II is cursed with blights, plagues, and insurrections.
3E82 Uriel II dies. The throne come to Pelagius II. By the end of Pelagius II, Tamriel has returned to prosperity.
3E98-3E99 Pelagius II dies, Antiochus takes the throne of Tamriel Empire.
3E110 The War of The Isle. The Summurset Isle province starts the rebellion.
3E110-3E121 Kyntira II takes the throne. The Empire in chaos. Uriel, The Emperess first cousin, son of Queen Potena of Solitude with the support of several disgrunted kings of High Rock, Skyrim, and Morrowind and Queen Potena's assistance, coordinate three major attacks on the Septim Empire.
3E121 Uriel defeats the last of the Septim Empire, and takes the throne for himself as Uriel III.
3E123 Kyntira II dies in her cell. The day (23rd of Frost Fall) is now remembered as the day of Broken Diamond
3E121-3E127 War of Red Diamond. The combatants are the three surviving children of Pelagius II, Potema, Cephorus, and Magnus, and their offspring. Potema, of course, supports her son Uriel III, and also has the support of all of Skyrim and northern Morrowind. With the efforts of Cephorus and Magnus, High Rock turned. Hammerfell, Sumurset Isle, Valenwood, Elsweyr, and Black Marsh are divided, but most kings now support Cephorus and Magnus.
3E127 Uriel III is captured in the Battle of Ichidag in Hammerfell. He is burned to death by the mob while in the route to his trial. His captor and uncle, become the next Emperor of Tamriel by name of Cephorus I. But peace is still not achieved.
3E137 Cephorus I defeats Queen Potema.
3E140 Cephorus I dies, Magnus takes the throne.
3E145 The son of Magnus, Pelagius III, become the next Emperor. Pelagius III never truly rules Tamriel. Katariah, his wife, and the Elder Council make all the decisions and try to keep Pelagius III from embarassing all because of the insanity of Pelagius III.
3E153 Pelagius III dies, his wife Katariah of Dark Elf becomes the Emperess of Tamriel. Despite the racist assertations to the contrary, Katariah's forty-six year reign is one of the most glorious in Tamriel's history.
3E199 The Emperess Katariah dies, the throne comes to her son, Cassynder.
3E201-3E202 Cassynder dies, Uriel Lariat takes the throne as Uriel IV.
3E202-3E245 Uriel IV's reign is difficult and long one. Despite being a legally adopted member of the Septim family, and despite the Lariat family's high position few of the Elder, Council could be persuaded to accept him fully as a blood relation of Tiber.
3E248 The Council's last victory over Uriel IV is posthumous. Andorak, Uriel IV's son, is disinherited by vote of Council, and a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line is proclaimed Cephorus II.
3E249 Camoran Usurper lead an army of daedra and undead on a rampage through Valenwood, conquering kingdom after kingdom.
3E253 At Battle of Dragontooth, Camoran Usurper defeats the armies of Taneth and Rihad of Hammerfell, thus southern Hammerfell fell.
3E267 The Camoran Usurper is finally defeated by combined navy of High Rock kingdoms led by Othrok, The Baron of Dwynnen.
3E268 Uriel V becomes the Emperor of Tamriel Empire.
3E269-3E288 Uriel V embarks on a series of invasions beginning almost from the moment he took the throne.
3E288 Uriel V embarks on his most ambitious enterprise, the invasion of the continent kingdom of Akavir. This is ultimately a failure.
3E290 Uriel V is killed in Akavir on the battlefield of Ionith. Uriel VI becomes the Emperor of Tamriel. Since he is still five years old, his mother Thonica is given a restricted regency until Uriel VI reached age.
3E307 It was not until Uriel VI is 22 years old that he was given full license to rule. He has been slowly assuming positions of responsibility for years, but both the Council and his mother, who enjoyed even her limited regency, were loath to give him reign. By the time he comes to the throne, the mechanisms of government gives him little power, but the power to veto.
3E313 Uriel VI falls from his horse and can not be saved by the finest Imperial healers, his beloved sister Morihatha takes the throne. Morihatha finishes the job her brother had begun, and makes the Imperial Province truly a government under the Emperess. Outside the Imperial Province, however, the Empire has been slowly disintegrating. Open revolutions and civil wars have raged unchallenged since the days of her grandfather Cephorus II. Carefully coordinating her counterattacks, Morihatha slowly takes back her rebellious vassals, always avoiding overextending herself.
3E336 Nulfaga, a powerfull sorcerres and the mother to the future Daggerfall King Lysandus, is born
3E339 One Councilman, an Argonian named Thoricles Romus, furious at her refusal to send troops to his troubled lands, is believed to be the man who hired the assassins who claimed her life. Pelagius IV takes the throne and continues the campaign of Morihatha.
3E340 Eadwyre, future King of Wayrest and husband to Carolyna, is born.
3E353 Mynisera, future wife to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is born.
3E354 Lysandus, future King of Daggerfall, is born to Arslan II and Nulfaga.
3E368 Cameron, future King of Sentinel, is born.
3E369 Akorithi, future Queen of Sentinel and wife to Cameron, is born.
3E376 Helseth is born to Barenziah and Symmachus.
3E377 King Arslan II, father to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, dies. Lysandus become the King of Daggerfall.
3E381 Gothryd, son of Lysandus and Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall, is born.
3E384 Morgiah is born to Barenziah and Symmachus.
3E386 Aubk-i is born to comeron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.
3E388 Pelagius IV dies, his son Uriel Septim VII takes the throne.
3E389 The Uriel Septim VII's Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn, betrays and imprisons him in a dimension of Tharn's creation. Also in this year Elysana is born to Carolyna and Eadwyre, rulers of Wayrest.
3E389-3E399 Jagar Tharn uses his magic to assume Emperor Uriel Septim VII and rules the Empire, waving chaos in the name of order.

Also sometime in this decade, Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon takes over the Battlespire and destroys all of the mages inside. One unknown hero has vanquished the daedras, but eventually the Battlespire was also destroyed in the process.

3E391 Symmachus, husband to Barenziah, dies.
3E392 Greklith is born to Cameron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel. Carolyna, Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, dies.
3E393 Lhotun is born to comeron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.
3E396 A series of regional wars occur throughout Tamriel
  • War of the Blue Divide. Sumurset Isle defeats easter Valenwood.
  • The Five Year War. Elswyer defeats western Valenwood.
  • The Arnesian War. Morrowind destroys the armies of Black Marsh.
  • The War of the Bend'r-mahk. Skyrim destroys the combined forces of Hammerfell and High Rock.
3E399 A misterious champion with the help of the spirit of Ria Silmane, the former sorceress of the Empire and Queen Barenziah with the King Eadwyre of Wayrest, recovers the eight pieces of Staff of Chaos. This champion defeats Jagar Tharn in the final showdown in Imperial Palace dungeon and released Uriel Septim VII.
3E401 Nulfaga of Daggerfall, High Rock, finds the exact location of the Mantella, the heart of Numidium.
3E403 The War of Betony, the war between Daggerfall of High Rock and Sentinel of Hammerfell. The war takes its climax when both kings of Daggerfall and Sentinel are slain. In the end, Daggerfall army is lead by new crowned King Gothryd, son of King Lysandus, destroys Sentinel army in the Battle of Cryngaine Field.
3E404 The Daggerfall former king Lysandus starteds haunting Daggerfall street seeking for vengeance.
3E405 Another misterious character is sent by Uriel Septim VII to investigated the death of King Lysandus and to find the missing letter the Emperor sent to the Queen of Daggerfall.
3E~ The character Emperor sent, found that King Lysandus was not killed in the Battle of Cryngaine, but a minor lord, the Lord Woodborne of Wayrest, killed him. After the character avanged King Lysandus, the army of undead leave Daggerfall. The minor quest The Emperor gave to the character leads the character to The Great Numidium (Anumidum), the giant golem that helped Tiber Septim conquered Tamriel. To whom the Numidium was given is still a mistery. This confusing event was called Warp in the West, where it is said six Numidium were seen in six different places at once, each one carving out a different mortal's destiny. We could see that High Rock is unified no more, that the flags of Nova Orsinium are real, that the Sload Priests talk to their new God of Worms, and none of them serve the sick heir of the Septim line; we could see all this and know that it is true.