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The table below lists mobiles and carriers for Dawnstar.

Mobile Carrier
Audiovox 8600 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG 5350 Sprint (US)
LG VX4400 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG VX4500 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG VX6000 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Motorola T720 AT&T (US)
Motorola T720 Cingular (US)
Nokia 3620 AT&T (US)
Nokia 3650 AT&T (US)
Nokia 3650 Cingular (US)
Samsung A600 Sprint (US)
Samsung A610 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Samsung A620 Sprint (US)
Samsung A660 Sprint (US)
Samsung A670 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Samsung A690 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Sanyo 4900 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5300 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5400 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5500 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 7200 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 8100 Sprint (US)