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Capture the former business partner of a local character.
Location(s): Any Merchant or Innkeeper
Reward: Little Random Gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: k0c00y09
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Hard
The ranger isn't too keen on being returned

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to a Merchant or an Innkeeper.
  2. Travel to the dungeon you are pointed to.
  3. Find the former partner and take them captive.
  4. Return the prisoner to your employer within the time limit for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Skipping Town[edit]

Speak to a merchant or innkeeper, who says one of:

  • "My former partner here at (current town), a (partner's class), has taken more than (his/her) fair share of our profits and run away from (current town). Now, I'm not the vengeful sort, but I would appreciate it if you would bring the (partner's class) back to me, so I can get some explanation for this remarkable behavior. I'll pay you (random gold) gold pieces for (him/her) alive, and (less random gold) gold if you accidentally kill (him/her)."
  • "That damnable (partner's class) let me trust (him/her), led me merrily along, and then left without a word but with a sizeable portion of my savings. Now the money does bother me, but not as much as the betrayal. I want you to track (him/her) down, and bring (him/her) to me, and I'm willing to pay (random gold) gold pieces for it. Are you willing and able?"
  • "I am looking for a manhunter, or, more specifically, a (partner's class) hunter. You see, (he/she) left town without paying the gold (he/she) owes me. It's the principle of the thing.I don't mind paying you (little random gold) gold pieces for (his/her) capture, but my reputation would be ruined if I let my debtors just leave (current town), owing me gold. Will you get this deadbeat for me?"


The merchant or innkeeper goes on:

  • "Good. The (partner's class)'s name is (partner's name), and rumor has it that (he/she) is holed up in (dungeon) for (time limit) days at most. That will be the deadline by which I expect to hear from you. Remember -- (partner's name) is a tough (partner's class), so expect a fight, but try not to kill (him/her). I want (him/her) alive, not dead. Good luck, (player's first name)."
  • "That's fine then. My sources tell me that the (partner's class) has taken refuge in (dungeon) and will probably be there for (time limit) days or so. I fully expect (partner's name), that's the (partner's class)'s name, to put up a fight, but try not to kill (him/her). I will expect you back in (time limit) days. Good luck."
  • "Frightfully good of you, (player's first name). I've made some inquiries and it seems that our (partner's class) friend is lurking about the vicinity of (dungeon), unguarded and alone except for the usual brutes in residence. (Partner's name) is (his/her) name and I will expect (him/her) before me in (time limit) days, preferably alive. Don't disappoint me."


The merchant or innkeeper answers:

"No? Well, I'll just go down to the Fighters Guild and hire someone else."


"That's too bad. Let me know if you change your mind."

Retrieving the Runaway[edit]

The ranger will not go without a fight

Travel to the dungeon named by the quest giver and find your employer's partner within; he or she will be a ranger class enemy. Use a weapon which does a minimum of damage or use no weapon at all to hit the target a few times. When you have inflicted enough damage, he or she will surrender, saying:

"Ow! (oath), I surrender!"


"I give up! I give up!"


"Don't kill me! I surrender!"

If you are too forceful and kill the target, the following message pops up:

(Employer's name) wanted (partner's name) alive, but you've slain (him/her).

To complete this quest successfully, you must not kill the ranger. After the target surrenders, return to your employer.


When you report back with you prisoner your employer will say:

"Ah, good day, (partner's name). It seems to me that we have some business to discuss, don't we? (Player's first name), I thank you for making this (partner's class)'s trip as comfortable as possible. Here is the (random gold) gold I promised."

If you killed the target, your employer will say:

"Well, I had wanted (partner's name) alive, but I suppose I would have killed (him/her) eventually myself. Here's (less random gold) gold pieces. Not the full amount, but I am appreciative."

Reputation Gain/Loss[edit]

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction +5
Questgiver's associated factions +2

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction -2
Questgiver's associated factions -1


  • Random dungeon monster
  • Quest Target: One Ranger

Additional Dialogue[edit]

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Employer's name) was a fool to do business with someone like (partner's name)."
  • "(Employer's name) should never have trusted (partner's name) -- (he/she) is a notorious thief."

If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Partner's name) apparently got away with it. And (employer's name) is mad as Oblivion."

If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Employer's name) is practicing ancient (player's race) torture techniques on (partner's name)."
  • "I'd hate to be (partner's class) right now -- in (employer's name)'s hands."

If you successfully complete the quest, the quest giver may later greet you with:

  • "Oh hello, (player's first name). (Partner's name) would say hello too ... if (he/she) still had a tongue."

If you failed the quest, the quest giver will greet you with:

  • "You don't really think I'd have anything to say to you, do you, (player's first name)?"

Quest Log[edit]

The Recompense (k0c00y09)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): (Employer's name) of (building), (town) has sent me to (dungeon) to find an errant (partner's class) named (partner's name) and bring (him/her) back to (building). I have (time limit) days to accomplish this, and (employer's name) stressed that (he/she) wanted (partner's name) alive.