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Deliver a package to a person in a nearby town.
Location(s): Any Merchant or Innkeeper
Reward: Random Gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: a0c00y15
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Easy
The recipient and some friends waiting for you

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to a Merchant or an Innkeeper.
  2. Head to the town named by your employer.
  3. Beware of burglars looking to take the package from you.
  4. Deliver the package to its recipient within the time limit and collect your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Offer[edit]

Speak to a merchant or innkeeper, who says:

"I have heard of you, (player's name). I am (employer's name). May I beg a boon of you? Are you passing by (town) any time soon? If so, I need to deliver a package to someone there. I would gladly pay you (random gold) gold pieces.


"Your reputation precedes you, (player's name). I am in need of a courier. Would you by chance be heading toward (town) anytime soon? Could I entrust you to drop off a package there for me? I would pay you (random gold) gold pieces for your trouble."


The merchant or innkeeper goes on:

"Great! Take this package to (town) and ask for (recipient's name). (He/She) will pay you. It needs to be there in (time limit) days. Here is the package."


"What luck! My friend is (recipient's name) in (town). Just ask around, everyone knows (him/her). (He/She) will pay you right away. If you take longer than (time limit) days, you might as well throw it away."


The merchant or innkeeper answers:

  • "Too bad."
  • "I'll have to find someone willing to work for a living."
  • "You must be a different (player's name) than the one whom I've heard so much about."

Parcel Post[edit]

Beware of burglars in dark alleys

You are given a random item that you must deliver to a person in another town in the region. Your employer will add some detail about the item you are delivering:

  • "This book has some sentimental value. (Recipient's name) has not seen a copy of (book title) in years."
  • "(Recipient's name) needs this (ingredient) for a special brew (he/she) is making."
  • "This (jewelry) is a gift to (recipient's name) that will seal my arrangement with (him/her)."
  • "This is a special (men's clothing) that my mother made for (recipient's name) for the celebration."
  • "(Recipient's name) commissioned this (painting) painting. It needs to be there for (his/her) gathering."
  • "(Recipient's name) needs this (liquid ingredient) as soon as possible."
  • "(Recipient's name) has been threatened. This (weapon) should put (his/her) fears to rest."
  • "I bought this fine (women's clothing) for (recipient's name)'s wedding. It would be dreadfully embarrassing if it does not arrive in time."

Travel to the town and ask around until you know where to find the package's recipient, and head to their location. There is a 25% chance that you will be ambushed by burglars intent on taking the package from you. When hit, the burglar will say:

"I know you have a package from (employer's name). Hand it over and nobody gets hurt."

You must deliver the item to the recipient to successfully complete the quest, and obviously, you cannot do that if the burglar steals the item. However, unlike most quests, the burglar will not vanish after taking the item. Thus, you can kill the burglar who took it from you, retrieve the item by looting the corpse, and still deliver it to the recipient successfully. Otherwise, simply refuse any offers from the burglars and run away or fight them off.


Hand over the package to its recipient and collect your reward. Upon obtaining the package, the recipient says:

"I was hoping (employer's name) would be able to get this to me in time. (He/She) has been so busy lately. Here is the (random gold) you were promised."

Reputation Gain/Loss[edit]

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction +5
Questgiver's associated factions +2

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction -2
Questgiver's associated factions -1


  • 3x One Burglar every two hundred in-game minutes (10% chance) until they have the item, or the quest is over


  • This quest is very similar to another Merchant/Innkeeper quest, The Delivery Boy. The primary difference being in that quest, the recipient will be located in the same town as the sender.

Additional Dialogue[edit]

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "The orcs are stirring up trouble again."

If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "They say the spirit of dead King Lysandus has been seen in Daggerfall."

If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "A sea storm wrecked a ship just off the shores of Daggerfall. I hear it carried an emissary from the Emperor."

If you successfully complete the quest, the quest giver may later greet you with:

  • "My humble thanks for taking that package to (recipient's town)."

If you failed the quest, the quest giver will greet you with:

  • "Scoundrel! What did you do with my package? Sell it? It never arrived at (recipient's town). Just leave."

Quest Log[edit]

The Courier (a0c00y15)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): (Employer's name) of (town) has charged me with the task of delivering a package to (recipient's name), of (recipient's town). I have to have it there within (time limit) days.