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Upgrading Daggerfall to the latest patch is recommended, as many bugs and glitches are fixed by the patches.

Please note that installing a patch after playing the game without it will not guarantee that the issue it was supposed to fix will be fixed. As such it may be necessary to start a new game file for the patches to have an effect.

Version 1.07.213[edit]

  • Fixmaps and Fixsave have been updated to work with any install size. Fixmaps will require that the file MAPS.BSA be installed on your hard drive as it is modified by the program. If this file is not found, you will be given the option to copy it over.

Version 1.07.212[edit]


  • Fixmaps - a patch program which will repair some duplicate town name bugs in the world file. The executable version of the patch will run this for you automatically. (It will still ask you if you wish to perform this update.) As with fixsave, a medium install is required in order for the program to work.
  • Some of the development cheat keys have been released. To active them, you will have to add a variable to your z.cfg file. The variable is called CHEATMODE. You set it to 1. (Like the MAGICREPAIR variable introduced in 1.06.200). The cheat codes are as follows:
1 - Sets your MaxSpeed to 1200 (6x the normal value).
CTRL-F1 - Activate all maps on the fast travel map. This can be useful if somehow a location is no longer on the map.
CTRL-F4 - Invulnerable mode.
ALT-F11 - If you fall into the void, pressing this will take you back to the previous object you were standing on. This can help you get out of the void when you fall into it.
[ and ] - If you're in a dungeon, these keys will cycle you through the various quest locations. Be careful though that you don't beam into a location that is occupied by a monster. You will be trapped inside the monster. Also, some locations are high enough to pop you into the void when you beam to it. This can be useful if you fall into the void or can't find the quest item you're looking for.
- and = - These keys raise your reputation and your skills.


  • The 115 crash when clicking on people involved in quests has been fixed. The cure werewolf quest was a quest often plagued by this bug.
  • An internal memory leak in the object system was fixed. This would force you to increase your OBJMEMSIZE setting despite not having very much in your inventory. This leak would also dramatically reduce your game speed. Version 1.62 of Fixsave will cleanse your game of the leftover data; this patch does this as well and prevents it from happening again.
  • The "Mynisera's Letters" quest that Abuki sends you on no longer gives an outrageously inaccurate number of days to complete the quest. The number now given is the actual amount of time you have to complete the quest.
  • A failure was found in the quest system to properly update the map information of the game. This would cause quests to lose people or locations making it impossible for you to complete it. This has been fixed. Your quests should run much better now.
  • Casting the Recall spell back to your anchor no longer fails when you have the anchor set inside a locked house.
  • You can now leave your items for repair in the shops and they will remain there even when you leave the town.
  • Items no longer disappear from your room at the tavern when you leave the map and return later.
  • Repair times has been fixed. They should be a little more reasonable now in regards to the amount of work required on the item. I.E. doing a total repair job on a suit of armor takes much longer than fixing your little dagger.
  • Azura's Star has been fixed. It should always trap souls now when you have it equipped.
  • The hit point modifier due to your endurance is now properly added when you increase in level. The rest of level advancement works as follows: you get between 1/2 to the number on the custom character screen. This is different than what is stated in the manual. The manual stated its between 1 and the number on the custom character screen.
  • Getting your free house at the knightly order no longer crashes the game.
  • When you are infected by a werewolf, you now become a werewolf instead of a wereboar.
  • You can now use potions when you are silenced.
  • Items that cast spells no longer get recorded as the last spell you cast. This would cause you to cast a different spell when you hit the recast spell.
  • Pickpocketing monsters has been fixed. It is more consistent now.
  • You will no longer start the game with negative spell points after you created your character. The problem with the negative hit points still exists however.
  • The Restore Powers recipe has been fixed. You can make them in the potion maker now.
  • The game no longer gets trapped in an infinite loop when you try to collect a reward while shape changed.
  • You can now exit the level advancement screen when all of your attributes are at 100.
  • If your attributes become drained due to magic, you can now get them healed at the temple you are a member of. Clicking on any member will ask you if you wish to have your attributes restored. (Provided you're high enough level to receive free healing at the temple).
  • Some quests that caused the 116 crash have been fixed in the game.
  • Your climbing skill increases properly now.
  • When your skills are checked for advancement the game now uses the original values, not the magically altered one. This means that you will no longer become a Master prematurely.
  • The crash that would report the error "failed internal check 1c" has been fixed.
  • A bug that would cause the game to terminate with error 2020 has been fixed.
  • The lockup at the Mages Guild when you were asking for non-member guild quests has been fixed.
  • Fixsave has been updated to version 1.70. Read fixsave.txt for what changes have been made to it.

Version 1.06.200[edit]

  • The zombie in the Soul of a Lich quest is now properly sent. If you do not get the zombie when you're supposed to, run the new FIXSAVE enclosed and it will activate it for you.
  • A new error - "Insufficient texture memory" - has been added. If you get this error, add a variable to your z.cfg file called TEXTUREMEMORY and its parameter is given in kilobytes. Set it to at least 5000 and the next time you run the game, it shouldn't lock up at the location it did before. If you have 8 megs of RAM, do not run with this setting for prolonged periods of time as your VMM swapping will dramatically increase.
  • The game can no longer trash your starting skill sum used to determine your player level.
  • The 113 crash when entering your character sheet has been fixed. The 113 crash after resting has been fixed as well.
  • A dungeon block was found to not have put an exit next to where you entered. This has been fixed. Because of the way dungeons are built, it may be placed behind an opened door. If you do not see the exit and a door is nearby, close the door and it should be there.
  • Potions made in the potion maker with recipes should now be properly labeled in the use item list.
  • For people wishing to use the repair objects item maker advantage on their magic items, a new z.cfg variable has been added. It is called MAGICREPAIR and you set it to 1. When that is set, the repair objects item maker advantage repairs your magic items. If you wish to disable this ability, set MAGICREPAIR to 0.
  • Illegally bashing down doors no longer gives you a revered legal reputation when you are caught.
  • The dungeon location that Azura sends you to now appears on your fast travel map.
  • Malacath's quest no longer causes the game to lock up.
  • Daggerfall no longer tries to start main story quests while you are on your ship. This would cause the game to freeze.
  • A major fix has been done to the quest code. This fix would on rare occasions cause the main story quest to shut down. It also prevented the curse to be lifted from Daggerfall when you put King Lysandus's soul to rest. Now when you complete this, a video will play and Daggerfall will be safe once again.
  • The crash in the Mantellan Crux with the message "code 108 not found in dagger.snd" has been fixed.
  • The potion maker no longer crashes when you switch between recipes before mixing a potion.
  • The wagon limit has been raised to 750 kg.
  • The error #666 has been removed. The error reported instead of this is the actual error the program intended to report.
  • Fixsave has been updated to v1.61. Please read fixsave.txt for more information on what changes have been made.

Version 1.05.195[edit]


  • WARNING! Versions of Daggerfall prior to patch 195 may randomly cause inventory items to vanish. Bethesda Softworks strongly recommends that you upgrade to patch 195. Damaged save games may be able to be repaired with the FIXSAVE.EXE program included with this patch.
  • Magic items & spells that enhance your skills and attributes no longer deduct from your attributes & skills when you exceed 100.
  • You can now train at temples that you are not a member of.
  • You no longer get stuck inside houses when you exit when you're running from Win95.
  • Using the transfer health item maker advantage no longer crashes the game while resting when there are no monsters nearby.
  • Going into your inventory when you have left items in the tavern no longer crashes your game.
  • Randomly created monsters in quests now always have their items equipped. They should be more challenging now.
  • After returning to Price Lohtun with news about his brother, the quest is now properly removed from your logbook.
  • Fixsave has been updated to v1.50. Please read fixsave.txt for more information about this savegame repair utility.


  • The Oghma Infininum book does not give you 50 attribute points. It only gives you 30, despite what the manual, hint book, and game related material state. It was always intended to only give 30 points. The printed materials were in error.

Known Bugs[edit]

  • There is a bug in the game that will invalidate your starting skill sum used for determining your user level. Fixsave will 'repair' this in the sense that it will pick a new reasonable starting sum for you. However, it won't be what you initially had. Your level will revert to something close to what you had before, if not the exact level.
  • Although the problems with the game losing attribute/skill points when you exceed the 100 limit through magic has been fixed, you can still lose them when magic drains them below 0.

Version 1.04.191[edit]


  • Fixsave, an utility program for repairing damaged saved games. In order to run fixsave, you will need at least a medium install of the game. Please read the file fixsave.txt for further information about the program.


  • OBJMEMSIZE, as described below, now works properly.
  • Thieves guilds now buys magic items.
  • You can now sell your extra horses and carts in the general stores.
  • Character creation advantages/disadvantages have been updated.
  • Transfer spells now work properly.
  • The Polymorph & Diminution effects have been removed from the spell maker. Existing spells already made with these effects will continue to operate as they do now. (Which is simply drain spell points.)
  • The ability to bind multiple souls in the item maker has been removed.
  • Streetwise and Etiquette skills are now tallied correctly.
  • You will no longer get negative spell points.
  • The "Master of BLANK" bug has been fixed.
  • You can no longer recast the spell you casted before shapeshifting.
  • The Create Item spell has been updated. It no longer creates items that do not exist in the game.
  • Equipping the Wabberjack no longer crashes the game.
  • You can no longer get quests from people already involved in another quest.
  • You can no longer bind multiple health leeches in the item maker.
  • Reputation is now calculated properly for the guilds. You should no longer get kicked out for completing a quest.
  • Starting a spell name with $ and ! no longer reduces the spell cost.
  • Daggerfall no longer reboots for Ensoniq VIVO Soundscape users.
  • Your rewards will no longer be labeled as BLANK.
  • A crash bug that can happen during fast traveling has been removed.
  • Vampire cult quests and the cure quest are now given more often.
  • You can only join one temple and knightly order now.
  • Clicking on Medora will no longer crash the game with error 115.
  • The Old Ways Book no longer crashes the game.
  • The detect spells now operate in full screen mode.
  • Arrows no longer wrap around to 0 when you get more than 200 of them.
  • You can now identify items when the holiday allows it.
  • The cost to cast spell when buying spells now reflects the caster's abilities.
  • Clicking on the shelves in the Mages Guild and then bringing up your spell book no longer locks the game up.
  • You can now give the totem to King Gothryd.
  • The Knights Of The Raven buildings in Dwynnen are now properly marked.
  • The crash when clicking on "Where is - people" has been fixed. This will help people on the mummy finger quest.
  • A crash bug regarding finding map locations has been fixed.
  • Some cases where people would not talk to you have been fixed. This mainly deals with main story quests.
  • The wagon weight limit has been reduced to 500 kgs. and the ability to overload the wagon has been removed.
  • A crash bug dealing with getting out of jail has been fixed.
  • Hircine's Ring now only works for people infected with lycanthropy. It allows you to shapeshift without having to kill the innocent.
  • While Morgiah gives you one month to deliver the letter to the King of Worms, in reality you only had 2-3 weeks. If you took longer than that, the main story quest would stall because the next quest was not started. v1.04.191 will start the next quest if this happened.
  • The bug where instead of having to pay money to summon Daedra, you get paid money has been fixed. You will no longer get paid to do this.
  • Having more than 63 soul gems no longer crashes the item maker.
  • Repairs objects in the item maker no longer repairs magic items.
  • If a quest has a pending letter to deliver, it will force the delivery before you fast travel from a city. It used to give it to you after a random amount of time while in an inhabited area. This would sometimes cause people to never get the letters in time. This will help fix the "I got the letter, but its not in my inventory" bug.
  • When you return from delivering Morgiah's letter to the King of Worms, the log entry is now properly removed from your quest. For people who already suffer from this problem, do not worry. There is nothing wrong with your game.
  • Witches will no longer try to give inappropriate quests that will crash the game.

Known Bugs[edit]

  • You can not bind dragonling souls in the item maker.
  • Item weights in the wagon are incorrectly marked as 0 kg.
  • Saving the game while in a store will cause the shelves to be empty when you reload the game. You will have to leave the store, enter another store, then go back into the first store to have the shelves restock.
  • People have reported that when they kill the lich as requested by the King of Worms, the quest terminates there. Don't worry. There is nothing wrong with your game. After you received the quest, you clicked on the King of Worms again, so the flag where you give the scarab back is set to true. When you kill the lich, that flag is set to true. The win-quest flag is true when the two previously mentioned flags are both true. So you get the reward text, the magic item without having to go back. Just be happy it saved you the trip back.

Version 1.03.179[edit]

  • More fixes have been done to quests. Many will crash less often now.
  • Traveling to and from your ship and entering/leaving the town with your house in it no longer crashes the game.
  • Monsters's inventories are now properly reset when you approach it. This caused a 104 crash in the game.
  • For 16 meg users, the amount of map space has been increased. If you still get the error UNABLE TO ALLOCATE OBJECT MEMORY enter in your z.cfg file a new entry called ObjMemSize and give it a value of more than 2000. This will increase the amount of space maps get as well so you can continue playing. If you are an 8 meg machine, try leaving the map you are in and re-entering as well as reducing the number of items your player has. (in the wagon, on the ship, in the house).
  • The repairs object advantage now works properly.
  • New daedric cuirasses are no longer broken.
  • Houses you buy are no longer rotated improperly.
  • Several quests now unlock the doors properly.
  • Bad dagtext entries no longer crash the game. You will still get the message though.
  • Using a nearly broken magic item no longer crashes the game.
  • The cure poison spell works properly.

Version 1.02.177[edit]

  • Players with Cyrix chips should no longer experience crashes in the game.
  • Quests that are begun with this patch version should no longer generate "invalid quest object" errors. However, older saved games may still have corrupted quest objects that will still cause errors.
  • Lycanthropy no longer limits hit points when a player advances in level.

Version 1.01.175[edit]

Games saved with this patch cannot be loaded in the version 1.0 that was first shipped. However, games saved with version 1.0 can be loaded into this patched version.

  • Archery works in menu mode as well as in full screen mode.
  • The Dark Brotherhood no longer offers the same quests as the Fighters Guild.
  • If you break into a store and steal everything, the shelves are now restocked properly.
  • Repairing items no longer causes the game to crash during a save.
  • The consequences of defaulting on a bank loan are now more severe.
  • The cure lycanthropy quest no longer causes the game to crash.
  • The cure vampirism quests now work properly.
  • Disadvantages in custom character creation can no longer be selected multiple times.
  • The skeleton no longer walks backwards.
  • Sleeping on a ship or in your own house no longer summons the city guards.
  • Several side quests and a couple of the main quests now work better.
  • Character status correctly reports when a character has been poisoned.
  • Giving the Totem to NPCs that offered artifacts no longer causes the game to crash.
  • The quest to find the lich dust for King Gortwog displays the dungeon location properly.
  • Encumbrance is reported correctly when items are held in houses, wagons, and ships.
  • Magical item effects can no longer be recast with the spell recasting key.
  • The game can be saved while aboard a ship.
  • Characters can no longer rest while over water.
  • Items stored in your house or ship are no longer available for use away from those locations.
  • Items can be safely left on your ship.
  • Activating objects, such as levers, no longer causes a crash.
  • Quest items are now colored green in the inventory screen.
  • Vampires properly take damage in sunlight.
  • The crash that caused the error "failed internal check c" has been fixed. If you get this error, please leave the dungeon you're in. The next time you reenter the dungeon, it will not happen again.
  • Magical items cannot be repaired in shops, even though early versions of the manual and the hint book say they can. This was a feature that turned out to be highly unbalancing late in our beta testing process.