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Akatosh Chantry
"The Akatosh Chantry is one of the temples dedicated to the Dragon, the God of Time, Akatosh."
"The priests of Akatosh always call their temples chantries. I suppose it's because they do a lot of singing there."
"Akatosh is a Dragon God of Time, and the temples devoted to Him are always called Chantries."
"Many orders have their mysteries, but everything about the Blades is shrouded in myth. They are rumored to be the finest warriors in Tamriel, trained for generation after generation, all within the same families. What their goals are is completely unknown."
"They may not even exist, but if they do, and the legends have a basis in truth, they're the finest warriors in all Tamriel."
"They're a knightly order alright, but unlike any other order, which defines itself by its allegiance, the Blades' master is unknown. They are a completely enigmatic group."
"You shouldn't be asking about the Blades so openly. Everyone knows that they're made up of the best fighters in Tamriel, but no one knows the purpose for their existence. That makes them dangerous."
"The Crusaders are the knights of Stendarr, God of Mercy. They protect the Temples of Stendarr and act as his compassionate blade when the situation demands."
"We, the Knights of Stendarr the Merciful call ourselves the Crusaders, for it is our sacred duty to protect the Temple and fights its battles. While we firmly espouse the Temple's philosophy of compassion and charity, we recognize that if the Temple is weak, it cannot realistically survive. Only those of great combat ability and proven devotion to the Temple and the God Stendarr are eligible for possible membership in the Crusaders."
Dark Brotherhood
"The Dark Brotherhood is a very mysterious organization, often hired as assassins by the more pragmatic rulers. They have a reputation as maniacs and daedra worshippers, but they must be doing something right. They've been around for thousands of years."
"A bunch of assassins posing as a religious order."
"They're more or less the official Assassin's Guild of Tamriel. Most kingdoms have declared them to be an illegal organization, but it's one thing to make a declaration ..."
"They're sorta a religious group, but not like a temple. Imagine a bunch of priests with knives and blood on the mind."
Fighters Guild
"The Fighters Guild is a sophisticated mercenary service. They often hire out adventurers as guards, escorts, and, occasionally, on more covert missions."
"Just a bunch of guards for hire, nothing mysterious or romantic."
"The Fighters Guild is just what its name implies -- an order for lances for hire and other mercenaries."
"The Fighters Guild is where everyone with any gold goes to hire additional guards, escorts, what-have-you. They are absolutely essential for getting things done in %reg."
Knights Mentor
"The Knights Mentor are those bound to follow the call of Julianos, the God of Wisdom and Learning. While the Schools of Julianos do most of the actual teaching, the Knights Mentor protect the sages and fight the ubiquitous forces of ignorance."
"The Knights Mentor are brothers and sisters to the School of Julianos. While they do research and expand the libraries of the School, we protect them. And, in turn,they share their expanded knowledge with us. It is a perfect relationship and benefits us each equally. Naturally, only those of exceptional military skill and demonstrated loyalty to the School and God Julianos are considered for membership into the Knights Mentor."
Knights of Iron
"The Knights of Iron are dedicated to the God of Commerce, Zenithar. They protect the members of His Resolution from those who would disrupt their trade."
"We of the Knights of Iron are in charge of the military excursions of the Resolution of Zenithar. Zenithar is not merely the God of Merchants and Commerce, He is also a warrior god. We represent that side of Him. Obviously, it does not behoove us to take any new initiates who are less than excellent fighters and completely devoted to our cause."
Knights of the Circle
"The Knights of the Circle are the protectors and guardians of the Order of Arkay. They are as dedicated to Him as His priests are."
"The Knights of the Circle are the military arm of the Order of Arkay. It is our solemn duty to protect the Order and to fight their battles. Our devotion to the God Arkay and the Order are complete. Only those of exceptional fighting prowess and unswerving loyalty to the Order and the God Arkay are considered for inclusion in the Knights of the Circle."
Knights of the Flame
"The Knights of the Flame have been affiliated with the royal Flyte family for centuries, and now they have become the protectors of the land of Anticlere."
Kynaran Order
"The Kynaran Order are those knights who have dedicated themselves mind, body, and sword to the Goddess of the Air, Kynareth. They are most often in the company of Her priests of the Temple of Kynareth."
"We are the strong arm of the Goddess Kynareth, an off-shoot of her temple devoted to fighting her causes all over Tamriel. Members of the Kynaran Order are honored for our skill and loyalty by the Temple, and given full access to the blessings and services within. According to individual rank in the Order, of course. Possible candidates for inclusion in the Kynaran Order are chosen on the basis of their combat skills and their reputation with the Temple."
Mages Guild
"The Mages Guild is the official center of magical study in Tamriel. Most major towns have a bureau of the Guild where they sell spells and magical items, in addition to their studies."
"The Mages Guild is sorta a school for studying spells. You have to already be pretty decent to get in, but even non-members can use some of their services."
"The Mages Guild is pretty much what the name suggests. It's an organization for all varieties of spellcasters to get together and teach each other. Used to be that mages were solitary types. No longer."
"It's just what you think it is. A school and a club for mages who are already pretty good to make them even better. It's been around for, oh, at least a thousand years."
Maran Knights
"The Maran Knights are those warriors who have dedicated their swords to the Mother Goddess Mara. They are sworn to protect her cause and Her Benevolences in Tamriel."
"Mara represents love and peace. She and Her Benevolence recognize that, as hypocritical as it sounds, military strength is often needed to beget this peace. The Maran Knights represent this military strength. We are admittedly a controversial knightly order. Some misguided clerics within the Temple would prefer that we disband, but they are in the minority, and all respect our skill and loyalty."
"The Necromancers are the dark mirror of the Mages Guild, powerful magicka casters who are masters of the most corruptive and daedric of spells. They are said to be led by a man they call the King of Worms. According to common rumor, he is thousands of years old and not aging at all."
"It is best not to even talk about the Necromancers. Unlike the Mages Guild, they are devoted to a singular cause. But despite horror stories to the contrary, no one knows what this cause may be."
"The Necromancers are wizards, like the Mages Guild, but far, far more secretive. Their goals and their activities are whispered about, but no one but a Necromancer knows for certain what they are."
"There's an old saying that when opposing the Necromancers, you fear what comes after death more than death itself. They are dangerous wizards, and it is best that the virtuous have little to do with them."
Order of Arkay
"The Order of Arkay is a religious order dedicated to the worship of Arkay, the God of the Cycle of Birth and Death."
"That's the temple devoted to Arkay, the God of Birth and Death."
"The Order of Arkay is a temple for worshippers of the God of the Cycle of Birth and Death."
Order of the Hour
"The Order of the Hour is the group of knights sworn to Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time. They work to further His cause and protect His Chantries."
"We are the military arm of the Akatosh Chantry, the Order of the Hour, charged with the protection of the Chantry. Our knights are devoted to the Great Dragon, and dedicated to the promise of stability and permanence He represents. Our duties are varied indeed, and our honors bountiful. An initiate in our Order have the same rights and honors of an initiate in the Chantry."
Order of the Lamp
"The Order of the Lamp is the knightly order that protects the less combative [sic] oriented members of the Mages Guild."
Order of the Lily
"The Order of the Lily are the knights sworn to the ideal of Dibella, Goddess of Beauty. They protect, and when necessary, die prettily for her Houses."
"The House of Dibella is the noblest institution in Tamriel, we of the Order of the Lily firmly are devoted to its cause. Its only fault is that the priests and priestesses within are often too consumed with the propagation of beauty to protect themselves adequately. That is the sacred cause of the Order of the Lily. We protect the House and receive the training and blessings of clerics of equal rank. I can think of no better reason to fight than the cause of beauty."
Resolution of Z'en
"Any temple dedicated to Zenithar, the God of Work and Commerce, is called a Resolution of Zenithar or a Resolution of Zen."
"A Resolution is the fancy name the priests of Zenithar give to their temples."
"Zenithar is the God of Work and Commerce. A no-nonsense kind of diety, and His temples are so headstrong, they're called Resolutions."
School of Julianos
"Julianos is the God of Wisdom and Logic, and His temples are called Schools."
"They don't really worship Julianos at His temples, but since He is the God of Wisdom, they run the temples more like academies. That's why they call them Schools, not temples."
"The School of Julianos is one of the top research institutions in Tamriel, probably second only to the Mages Guild. There's a lot of rivalry between the Mages and the scholars of Julianos, actually."
Temple of Kynareth
"Kynareth is the Goddess of the Air, and Patron Spirit of many places, including the kingdom of Daggerfall. Her temples are widespread and her worship popular."
"The Temple of Kynareth worships the Goddess of the Air, the spirit who supposed first gave Morihaus the Lord's Mail."
"The priests and priestesses of the Goddess of the Air gather their [sic] to pray to their patroness."
Temple of Stendarr
"The Temple of Stendarr is dedicated to the God Stendarr, the Patron of Mercy. They are among the greatest charitable institutions in the land."
"Stendarr is the God of Mercy and His temples attempt to carry His message of peace to all Tamriel. You can judge their success for yourself."
"The cult devoted to the God of Mercy and Peace is called the Temple of Stendarr. Say what you want about them, they have an honest vision of a peaceful Tamriel."
Thieves Guild
"The Thieves Guild is the official organized collection of burglars, prostitutes, and other thugs in the area. Their headquarters is always secret."
"Even though freelance whoremasters, pickpockets, catburglars, swindlers, and muggers exist, most professional criminals in Tamriel belong to the Thieves Guild. It is best for the collective whole, and the Guild exerts a certain ... pressure to join."
"In practically every borough, hamlet, and city-state in Tamriel, the professional criminals have bounded together for mutual protection. That's the Thieves Guild for you."
"The Thieves Guild is just like any other guild -- it's just that their particular industry is crime. They offer special benefits to their members, bribe officials, and punish non-members. Just like any other guild."
"The Underking is the old bugbear of childhood stories, said to be the most powerful mage who ever lived. The stories go back to the earliest years of the Septim dynasty. No one, however, doubts the existence of those who call themselves his Agents. The living and the animated dead who say they answer to the Underking are perhaps in the hundreds."
"The Underking is, well, sort of like a lich. A very powerful, very mysterious ancient lich. Now, where does he live and what does he want? That I can't tell you."
"According to some stories, the Underking was once a powerful wizard who gave up his heart for some worthy enterprise. The heart disappeared, so the Underking cannot die or really live. But his minions do his bidding with fanatical devotion, supposedly still searching for his heart."
"The Underking may be nothing more than a myth, but his minions are very real. The common people of Tamriel definitely believe in the Underking, and fear him greatly."

Joining Factions[edit]

Akatosh Chantry
"The Akatosh Chantry is devoted to the worship of Akatosh, the Great Dragon. Akatosh is the most constant of gods, for his sphere is time itself. Perhaps, if you are in need of a blessing of time and are willing to make an appreciable donation, Akatosh might smile upon you and grant you time: time to heal your injuries, perhaps, or time to shorten your voyages. Our priests and priestess here have a variety of other skills and services available for members of the Akatosh Chantry. Naturally, one has to be judged worthy before one is sheltered under the Great Wings of Akatosh. Are you perhaps interested in joining?"
Knights of the Flame
"The Knights of the Flame are the noble warriors of the Lorddom of Anticlere. Our allegiance is unswerving to Lord and Lady Flyte, who rescued us from the chaos following the War of Betony. Only those known for their loyalty to Anticlere and our blessed patrons are judged worthy to join our order. In return for their allegiance, our knights are treated as veritable gods in Anticlere. Are you perhaps interested in joining?"
Knights of the Owl
"We of the Knights of the Owl are responsible for protecting and fighting for the royal family of Glenpoint. Only those of the most refined fighting skills and dedicated to the welfare of Glenpoint are considered for inclusion in our knightly order. Our knights are the royal escorts of the Baron and treated with unparalleled respect in all of Glenpoint. Are you perhaps interested in joining?"
Order of the Lamp
"We of the Order of the Lamp are the protectors of the Mages Guild. We follow the Palantinus, under direct orders from the Archmagister. We are given appropriate rights to certain services at the Mages Guild. One's rank within the Order approximates ones rank within the Guild, in terms of rights and privileges. The Order is only open to those who have already demonstrated fighting skills and are in good standing with the Mages Guild."

Order of the Raven
"In all modesty, the Order of the Raven is a legendary fighting order. We have the honor of having led the battle against the Camoran Usurper and freed half of Tamriel from his tyranny. We remain the vanguards of the Barony of Dwynnen, protecting the entire region. Given our reputation, we cannot admit any but the greatest warriors, the most loyal servants of the Baron, into our order. Are you perhaps interested in joining?"
School of Julianos
"The School of Julianos is no mere temple, dedicated to mindless obeisance to a distant and hazy God figure. Julianos is a God, to be sure, but foremost he is a symbol of learning, logic, philosophy, and wisdom. We espouse no moral philosophy other than the goodness of knowledge. As the great Psijic once said, the power of ignorance can truly shatter mithril like glass. That is our enemy. Scholarship is a long and difficult journey, and Julianos does not tolerate those who wish to shorten it. However, He does bless those who generously donate to His School with a temporary increase in their magical skills. While we advocate literacy and education for all Tamrielans, our policy for those who wish to join the School itself is very stringent. We have little time to waste training the slow and the lazy. Are you perhaps interested in joining?"