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This page contains very brief descriptions of every character featured in The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel.

Main Character[edit]

Flaccus Terentius
An Imperial scholar and artist. Originally hailing from Bravil, he now lives in the Imperial City, and is engaged to a woman named Honoria Lucasta. He was given the opportunity to travel across Tamriel and revise the outdated Emperor's Guide to Tamriel.

Other characters[edit]

Chancellor Abnur Tharn
The head of the Elder Council. Flaccus met with him in the White-Gold Tower, and Tharn tasked him with revising the old edition of the Emperor's Guide.
Dame Agrippina Gallus
The current Curator of Art in the Imperial Library, who is nearly ready to retire, and whose job Flaccus is prepared to take up after completing his revised book.
The goddess of the Tribunal. Flaccus has an audience with her.
Queen Arzhela
A Breton; the queen of Evermore, wife of King Eamond, and doting mother of Prince Edrien. She is the cousin of King Emeric of Cumberland.
Queen Ayrenn
The young Altmer queen. She made her return to the Isles shortly after Flaccus' arrival in Auridon.
A female Redguard; a member of the Ash'abah. She saves Flaccus from a lamia, and later explains to him about the purification ritual Chief Marimah was going through.
Bathrone Rendo
A Dunmer woman in the employ of Urili Vox. She was instructed to show Flaccus the kwama mine, and later to lead him to Black Marsh.
A man leaving Auridon on the same ship as Flaccus and sharing the same destination, Velyn Harbor. He was the first to spot the Maormer.
An Imperial that Flaccus encounters in Mournhold.
King Eamond of Evermore
The king of Evermore. Flaccus has an audience with Eamond and King Kurog of Orsinium, and finds Eamond soft-spoken and timid.
Edgard Thenephan
A Breton, and one of the men on the Breton/Orc caravan that Flaccus traveled with.
Prince Edrien
The son of King Eamond and Queen Arzhela. He and Flaccus traveled
An old trader in Windhelm that chastises Flaccus for accidentally insulting King Jorunn.
King Emeric of Cumberland
A Breton; the High King of the Daggerfall Covenant. Flaccus has an audience with him in Wayrest, but the meeting is very brief.
Kinlady Estre
Prince Naemon's fiance, who greeted Ayrenn at her arrival to Auridon.
King Fahara'jad
The Redguard king. Flaccus has an audience with him and takes a liking to him, and Fahara'jad invites Flaccus to his daughter's handfasting ceremony.
An Altmer bard. He was the former jester for High Kinlord Rilis XII, and after his death he haunts Flaccus' thoughts.
A Nord. Flaccus travels with Roggvir and Fenrig through Stonefalls and Deshaan to Mournhold.
Festus Silius
An Imperial that Flaccus is mistaken for in Mournhold.
A harpy queen found at Shrieking Scar.
Fronto Maecilius
A writer whose works are in the Imperial Library; Flaccus aspires to achieve the same thing.
Garthar Three-Fingers
The cook at the Cold-Moon Inn in Windhelm. Flaccus wasn't certain about the meal Garthar cooked for him as he watched it being prepared, but ended up finding it delicious.
Priestess Gidric
A priestess in the Wayrest Chapel, who told Flaccus about the building.
Chief Godrun
An orc; the chief of the Murtag stronghold, which Flaccus visits.
Gregoire Lafont
The tavernkeeper at the Rosy Lion in Daggerfall.
Gudrig gro-Murtag
An Orc shaman that Flaccus sketched.
Vicecanon Heita-Meen
An Argonian who welcomes Flaccus to Stormhold.
Helgreir Lute-Voice
A writer whose works are in the Imperial Library; Flaccus aspires to achieve the same thing.
Holgunn One-Eye
Mera Stormcloak's battle brother. She introduces Holgunn to Flaccus, and Holgunn insists that Flaccus drink mead instead of weak ale. He later joined the hunting party that Flaccus drunkenly arranged.
Honoria Lucasta
Flaccus' fiancee, to whom his Guide is dedicated. Daughter of Councilor Pheumus Lucasta.
Moon-Bishop Hunal
A male Khajiit, and the bishop of Two-Moons Temple. He invited Flaccus and Zara to dinner with himself and Telenger the Artificer.
Ingjard Stone-Hand
A Nord woman who accompanies Flaccus, Holgunn, and Mera on the hunting party. She is noted as having lost a hand, but is still a skilled painter.
Flaccus claims during his ramblings about Coldharbour that Iris was his first love and that she died in a war.
A coachman in Leki's Blade.
Javad Tharn
The nephew of Jagar Tharn. When Flaccus is imprisoned in Markarth, Javad Tharn visits him and orders him to be brought to Nchuand-Zel.
Sister Jerique
A Spirit Warden at the Pariah Abbey in High Rock, a monestary devoted to Azura. She offered Flaccus a communion with Moonshadow, which he refused, and she gave him a drink.
A male Khajiit at the Thizzrini Arena. He was the one that put Flaccus into the arena.
Jorunn the Skald-King
A Nord; the leader of the Ebonheart Pact. Flaccus meets him at a tavern, mildly insulting him without realizing that he is speaking to the king, but Jorunn takes it good-naturedly.
A Xivilai Flaccus encounters in Coldharbour. He forced Flaccus to tell him about Honoria, and taunted him.
King Kurog
An Orc; the king of Orsinium. Flaccus has an audience with him and King Eamond, and Kurog gives him a writ of passage through Wrothgar.
Princess Lakana
A Redguard; King Fahara'jad's youngest daughter. Flaccus attends her handfasting ceremony when she gets married to Duke Nathanial.
A Dunmer guard-herder who teaches Flaccus about guar.
Loghorz gro-Murtag
One of King Kurog's guards and blacksmiths.
A male Argonian who shows Flaccus around Stormhold. He is a former slave.
Lyris Titanborn
A Nord. Flaccus saw her from afar in Coldharbour, and saw her be put to work, although he never spoke to her.
A male Khajiit who accept's Flaccus' request to join his caravan.
Queen Mabjaarn
The queen of Windhelm, who Ayrenn is said to have outdrank in a competition.
Mactator Caprenius
An Imperial courier. He was meant to bring Flaccus from Valenwood back to Cyrodiil but was delayed, and Flaccus vanished before his arrival. He found Flaccus' journal in Gil-Var-Delle and sent it, with a letter, to Cyrodiil.
Malkur Valos
A Dunmer. Flaccus saw him once, and Malkur informed him that he was in Coldharbour.
Mannick Noellaume
A Lion Guard who is assigned to protect Flaccus after leaving Shornhelm; he brings him safely to Cath Beraud.
An Altmer mage; the "King of Worms". He serves as the main antagonist in the book; Flaccus is burned with Mannimarco's mark, and Flaccus repeatedly has nightmares about him, Coldharbour, and the destruction of Tamriel.
Chief Marimah
The Redguard leader of the Ash'abah tribe. He engages in combat with the mummy of Ra Boshek and emerges victorious, and dismisses Flaccus from any further activity with the tribe.
Knight Agent Maximian Memmius
An Imperial trader who seems to think that Flaccus was supposed to meet him in Hammerfell, and who accuses him of not filing intelligence briefs.
An Argonian who greets Flaccus at the border of Black Marsh and brings him to Stormhold.
Mera Stormcloak
A Nord woman, and the Lawthane of Windhelm. She shows Flaccus around Windhelm and later joins the hunting party that he drunkenly arranged.
Prince Naemon
Princess Ayrenn's brother. He greeted her at her arrival to Auridon.
Duke Nathanial of Alcaire Castle
A duke in High Rock, who gets married to Princess Lakana, the daughter of King Fahara'jad of Hammerfell. Flaccus attends their handfasting cermony.
Councilor Pheumus Lucasta
The father of Flaccus' beloved, Honoria Lucasta, and a friend of Chancellor Abnur Tharn. He dislikes the fact that Flaccus cannot promise a steady income to support his daughter, but suggested that Flaccus could take on the role of Curator of Art in The Imperial Library after revising the Emperor's Guide to Tamriel.
One of Flaccus' cousins, who he'd heard had become a Centurion.
Ra Boshek
An evil king. Flaccus inadvertently awakens his mummy.
A male Khajiit, and the leader of the caravan that Flaccus travels with in Elsweyr.
A member of the Companions, traveling with Vigrod Wraithbane and Uli. They rescue Flaccus from a troll.
Rilis XII
A deceased Altmer kinlord. His ghost attacked Flaccus, Telenger, and Falarel in the tombs below the castle in Firsthold.
Rilis XIII
The current kinlord in Firsthold. When Flaccus was arrested, all Rilis told him was "Away with you."
A Nord. Flaccus travels with Roggvir and Fenrig through Stonefalls and Deshaan to Mournhold.
Rolves Ramoran
A Dunmer netch-herder whose farm Flaccus visits; he answers some of Flaccus' questions about netch.
A Snow Elf mage from a story that Ingjard told: he is said to have fought Ysgramor, and while dying, summoned a frost atronach and swapped its soul with his own.
Treethane Serenarth
A Bosmer treethane. Flaccus saved her by pulling her out of the water, and she took him to Elden Root.
A guar owned by Llynth. He eats Flaccus' hat.
General Tanval Indoril
A Dunmeri leader. Holgunn One-Eye is said to have had a drinking competition with him that lasted a week.
Telenger the Artificer
An Altmer. He had supper with Moon-Bishop Hunal, Flaccus, and Zara, and agreed to take Flaccus to the Summerset Isles.
Thorbjolf the Red
A Nord man who accompanies Flaccus, Holgunn, and Mera on the hunting party.
A Bosmer Spinner. Flaccus sought him out to try and rid himself of the visions of Falarel the Jester.
Kinlady Tuinden
Queen Ayrenn's mother; she greeted her daughter after she got off the ship.
A member of the Companions, traveling with Vigrod Wraithbane and Rargal. They rescue Flaccus from a troll.
Urili Vox
A Dunmer woman, who is instructed by Almalexia to guide Flaccus through Morrowind as penance for her son's actions.
A Redguard Worm Cultist. He encounters Flaccus in Daggerfall, and gives him the Mark of the Worm.
Vanus Galerion
The Altmer founder of the Mages Guild. He saves Flaccus from Daedra and brings him to Windhelm.
Venustinius Perquitienus
A writer whose works are in the Imperial Library; Flaccus aspires to achieve the same thing.
Vigrod Wraithbane
The Harbinger of the Companions. He and his Shield-Brothers, Uli and Rargal, rescue Flaccus from a troll.
A Redguard marine who explains to Flaccus the importance of a Redguard's sword.
A female Khajiit. She was a pit fighter in the Thizzrini Arena when Flaccus was tossed into it. She fought in the pit, offered to travel with him afterward, and brought him to Two-Moons Temple.
Zonara Antistia
A Scout Centurion of the Fourth Legion, and the person to whom Mactator Caprenius sent Flaccus' journal.