Blades:The Hunt, part 1

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Side Quest
Search for the dragon.
Quest Giver: Azzin
Location(s): Forest, Ayleid ruins
Prerequisite Quest: The Dragon Slayer
Next Quest: The Hunt, part 2
Reward(s): Sparkling Gold Sapphire Necklace, 000000055Lesser Soul Gems
XP: (?)
ID: DS05
Recommended Level: Player Level 25
The dragon's escape
Azzin wants me to scout a possible location for the dragon's lair, but not to go against it by myself if I do find it.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Investigate for signs of the dragon's presence.
  2. Proceed through the mine.
  3. Talk to Theodor Gorlash.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Once you have started the Quest, you will be transported to a forest. Make your way past the Spriggans to save Aleen from a Bear. She will explain that she's looking for miners from her town who didn't come home from the mine. She will stay behind as you enter the cave. You will encounter spiders throughout the mine until it transitions into an Ayleid tomb with a Wispmother at its entrance. Shortly after, you will encounter the sleeping dragon who will fly out of the skylight when you disturb him. Theodor Gorlash will appear once the dragon is gone. When talking to him, he will claim that the Ayleid tomb is his. He will give you your rewards, mentioning how they can be used for enchanting.