Blades:Shadow of Doubt

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Side Quest
Investigate a haunted castle.
Quest Giver: Wanum
Location(s): None
Reward(s): Eternal Rest, 000000044Petty Soul Gems, 000000022Lesser Soul Gems
XP: (?)
ID: SQ104
Recommended Level: Player Level 16
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
Approaching the haunted castle
There is a castle that local villagers believe is haunted. I must find out the truth to quell their fears.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Discover the source of the haunting.
  2. Confront the necromancer.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Walking on the road towards the cave, an Argonian Villager will speak with you about the haunted castle:

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?"
Into that castle.
"Listen, friend. That's a haunted castle. You should turn around."
The Queen sent me.
"Really You're braver than me. She couldn't pay me enough to go in there."
I'm not afraid of ghosts.
Has anyone died?
"Died? I don't think so. Not yet, anyway."
What's actually happening?
"They're robbing graves, for one thing. Five or six at least. People that were just buried... dug up a few days later, dragged to the keep. Can you imagine? And then there are the whispers. One time, walking along this road, I heard a voice right in my ear: "Leave! Or you'll regret it!" My friend heard, "Take out the heart! Let it bleed!" I know. Might not be ghosts. But that just scares me even more..."
Thanks for the warning.
"You bet. That's why I'm here..."
I'll be careful.
I'll be fine.

Enter the cave and you fill find that it leads inside the castle. You will have to face Forest Spiders. In one of the early rooms with many vases, one will contain a key that opens the locked door, which can be opened optionally.

As you delve further into the castle, a cutscene will play out, zooming around the hallway as dialogue is played:

"What are you doing?!
Stop it! Stop it! Go away!
That's not the right dagger...
Remove the eyes, keep the sinews...
I'll take your liver if I have to! Get me another one!
You are worthless! Worthless!"
Confront the necromancers
Fight through their minions

You will soon find the source of this dialogue: two Necromancers standing in a ritual circle arguing. They will notice your approach, and another cutscene will play where the Dunmer Necromancer flees and the Breton summons a skeleton to fight you:

"See? I told you there was someone here!
Augh! We don't have time for this! Stay and fight, I'll finish the ritual!
But we said you would fight!
This is too important!"

Once you have dealt with the summoned skeleton, you have the option to speak with the Breton or simply kill him:

"You... you shouldn't be here!"
Too bad. Time to die.
Neither should you.
"What would you know? You're one of them!"
Who's them?
My name is [player]. What's yours?
"I... you... that's not important. I have to do the ritual. Go away!"
Enough talk. Time to die.
I'll leave. Just talk to me. Who are you?
"I'm just a necromancer. What do you care?"
You had friends once. Family.
"So what? No one cares about me..."
Everyone has people who care.
"My... my mother... she's not well... because of people like you!"
You really want to become a killer, like me?
"I don't know what I want... I thought I could get justice of I just made everyone afraid, but this... this ritual... I can't do it anymore. Please... go stop him. If the ritual is completed... I don't want to think about it."
You better pray it doesn't.
Enough talk. Time to die.

If you spare his life and speak to him again, he will say, "I can't do it anymore. Please... go stop him."

Stop the ritual

As you pursue the Dunmer deeper into the castle, you will face Manor Ghosts and more skeletons. A silver chest can be found behind a door in one of the rooms. Eventually you will catch up to him in a large final chamber containing more skeletons. Take this out and speak to him:

"Damn it! Useless peasant! I have to do everything myself..."
What's the ritual for?
"What? You spoke to him... Your words won't work on me, you cretin!"
No one needs to get hurt.
No, you don't. You're dead.

Whatever option taken will result in his death and the completion of the quest.

The secret is unlocked by activating a spear on a weapon rack, revealing a room behind a wall containing a golden chest.