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This letter, written by Bethesda president Christopher Weaver, was included as an insert in boxed copies of Battlespire.

Dear Elder Scrolls Fan:

Thank you for purchasing Battlespire, first chapter in our new Elder Scrolls Legend series. I know that it will bring you many hours of enjoyment and allow you to escape the earthly bounds of mortal toil - at least for a little while!

Battlespire is a unique hybrid that has been created in response to the thousands of requests from our loyal Elder Scrolls series fans for a shorter and more detailed area in which they could explore different realms of Tamriel, the world of the Elder Scrolls. Battlespire is the first installment of this new series, which we have entitled the "Legend Series". The Legend Series focuses on pivotal times in Tamriel's history and brings a deeper but narrower focus to particular aspects of the great myths of those periods.

In Battlespire, the chapter begins by pitting you against Mehrunes Dagon, the evil Daedra Lord and ally of Jagar Tharn, traitorous Imperial Battlemage and sworn enemy of Tamriel, first exposed in the Elder Scrolls chapter entitled, TES I: Arena. It is up to you to vanquish Dagon's evil by strength, thought, and cunning.

Whereas you create or take on the role of a particular character in both the Classic Elder Scrolls as well as the Legend Series, in the Adventure Series you get to play a famous historical character and alter history according to your actions. The world of Tamriel is the same, but the manner and style of play (as well as the eventual outcome) are quite different. The first chapter of the new Adventure Series is entitled Redguard and has been causing quite a stir here as Bethesda for its humor as well as its visual richness and depth. And to answer those of you who are always asking how it is progressing, the next tour-de-force chapter in the Classic Series, TES III: Morrowind, is on track for late 1998 to break the barriers of role playing yet again and reward the player with a vast world beyond imagination.

Bethesda is one of the pioneers in the entertainment software industry and the only veteran to have celebrated its twelve year anniversary under the same management. In this age of giant public conglomerates, Bethesda has remained true to its customers, bringing you cutting edge entertainment software. We have learned to place great value on your comments and take them to heart in ways that our larger competitors do not. Battlespire is the beginning of a hybrid genre based on your input. Please help us refine it by continuing to give us the benefit of your opinions and suggestions in order to make our products the best. We promise to do our part.

Thank you for your support and enjoy Battlespire!

Christoper Weaver