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The Dremora Informant

The Dremora Informants are a pair of Dremora encountered in Level 4:Shade Perilous at Point N and Point Z. They appear as otherwise ordinary Dremora Oathkin, though the first has an oddly squeaky voice.

The Informants are not hostile, and engage you in conversation upon your approach. The first Informant's only goal is to give you a Quam Sigil of Entry, but he will not explain why before teleporting away. The second Informant has information on the whereabouts of your friend.

Point N Dialogue[edit]

First Greeting[edit]

We think you'll find this Quam Amulet of Passage useful. Now, if you have no further questions, I'll be leaving.

Player Response Result
Well, I have plenty of question for you, Mr. Mysterious. For one, what are you doing hanging around in this dead end tunnel? Reply 1 PUT 31_9017
Thanks for the amulet, but would you mind telling me WHY you're being so helpful? Reply 2 PUT 31_9017

Reply 1[edit]

Waiting for you. You are quite predictable. Now, it would be better if we were not seen together, so goodbye.

Player Response Result
Oh. So I'm predictable, eh? We'll see about that. END Teleport_0

Reply 2[edit]

It's just another of life's little mysteries, manling. But you're welcome. Good luck, and goodbye.

Player Response Result
Always a pleasure. END Teleport_0

Point Z Dialogue[edit]

Early Greeting[edit]

I thought you might find me here. I have nothing to say now, but when you return, perhaps.

Player Response Result
Yeah? Well, I have a few question for you, bucko. Reply 1
Later, then. Goodbye. END

Reply 1[edit]

And you will still have them when we speak again. You are dismissed. Leave me.

Player Response Result
Grr. All right. END


Once again, you exceed our expectations. We did not expect you to find Jaciel.

Player Response Result
Really? Good, huh? Reply 2
I thought so. You never expected me to find her and get her help to leave. You just wanted to use me as a stick to beat the Fire and Frost Daedra with. Reply 2
[&StormName] Yeah. And I know who your boss is, and can guess at your game. Imago Storm would be willing to see his Master Dagon cast low and himself raised high. Right? Reply 3

Reply 2[edit]

I will neither confirm nor deny your surmise.

Player Response Result
If you want my cooperation, you have to come clean with me. Reply 7

Reply 3[edit]

Nonsense. There are none more loyal to Dagon as Imago Storm and all the Dremora clan. We simply hope to expedite the Battlespire campaign with as little disorder and unwarranted risk as possible.

Player Response Result
Sure. Maybe Lord Imago is content -- even comfortable -- as the power behind the throne. Reply 4

Reply 4[edit]

Do not question my loyalty to Dagon, or the loyalty of my Lord, or you will answer for it.

Player Response Result
Fine. I want to talk to Lord Imago. Where is he? Reply 6
Don't threaten me, or my feisty pride will overwhelm my natural good humor and civility. Reply 5

Reply 5[edit]

Perhaps you prize your pride overmuch. Perhaps I can help you reevaluate your true worth in the light of a good beating.

Player Response Result
That suits me fine, tough guy. Reply 8

Reply 6[edit]

You overestimate your value in our eyes. If Lord Imago wishes to see you, then you will see him.

Player Response Result
If I'm going to be your pawn, there are things I need to know. Reply 8

Reply 7[edit]

We will tell you what you need to know.

Player Response Result
Okay. I'm a big man. I can be humble. I'm begging you. What can you tell me? Give me something. A little scrap. Reply 8
You tell me what I WANT to know, or you may find your tool turned against you in other hands. Reply 8

Reply 8[edit]

You test my patience, mortal!

Player Response Result
So why are you still talking to me? Reply 9

Reply 9[edit]

Eh. Eh-hmm. A good point. Set aside the posturing. I have something to say to you. We Daedra have a standard joke about news, that there is no good news without bad news.

Player Response Result
We humans have a similar perception. Reply 10

Reply 10[edit]

So. The bad news is that Dagon has your companion.

Player Response Result
[&PCFemale] What? When? How? Reply 11
[&PCMale] What? When? How? Reply 12

Reply 11[edit]

We don't know. All we know is that Josian Kaid has been taken to Lord Dagon's hunting lodge. That is all we know.

Player Response Result
I see. And your good news? Reply 13

Reply 12[edit]

We don't know. All we know is that Vatasha Trenelle has been taken to Lord Dagon's hunting lodge. That is all we know.

Player Response Result
I see. And your good news? Reply 13

Reply 13[edit]

We can help you rescue your friend. We will not tell you how, or where, or when, but will hold it as an incentive to your continued cooperation.

Player Response Result
Such faithful and trusting allies you are. Reply 14

Reply 14[edit]

Seek fairer allies if you can. And now, for more bad news. There will be a hunt. And you are the prey. Escape Shade Perilous, and you will be hunted within the Chimera of Desolation by the Rites of the Innocent Quarry.

Player Response Result
That would be bad news. And the good news? Reply 15

Reply 15[edit]

In the Hunt, there are rules. Turn those rules to your use. And on the ground, seek hidden resources. Seek a thing that once was a man. On him is the mantle of distinction. Be patient, heed him, and learn.

Player Response Result
Could you possibly be more obscure? Reply 16

Reply 16[edit]

You are not to be trusted with more. You are bound by no oath or code, save your own self-interest. We risk much in our dealings with you. Do not look for more. If we deem it safe, we will leave you messages. Now I must go. You have done well so far. It would be very frightening for us to learn that you are the type, and not the exception, of humans. Farewell. And in the Hunt, good fortune.

Player Response Result
All right. I don't like it, but I don't have much choice. Farewell. END Teleport_0
I am trying to appreciate what you are doing. It would help if I could trust you and your boss. If there is common interest between us, you would be smart to make it plainer. Tell that to your boss. Goodbye. END Teleport_0


  • The names of both Dremora appear as "Dremora Oathkin". "Dremora Informant" is given as a designation in the game files.