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The Dark Seducer, Mehrunes Dagon's bodyguard and paramour

The Dark Seducer Bodyguard is an otherwise nameless Dark Seducer found in Dagon's Hunting Lodge at Point C. As the appellation implies, she is Mehrunes Dagon's bodyguard—and additionally, his current lover. Given these positions, she has been entrusted with the Sword of the Moon Reiver, a blade made of Dagon's own substance and one of the items needed to banish the Daedra Prince to Oblivion. While the Bodyguard is otherwise nonviolent, she will not relinquish the sword except by force.



I believe my lord and lover may have underestimated you, mortal. It is not a mistake I will make. But I must admit to a certain tingling of curiosity in anticipation of your actions, and your fate. And so I propose the following conditions. Do not offend against me, and I will not offend against you. Offend me, and expect no mercy. Do you agree?

Player Response Result
Indeed, I do agree, my lady, and in turn offer you the same conditions. Reply 1
And what would constitute an offense against you, my lady? Reply 2
At the risk of seeming boorish, I will not consider conditions of any kind from you or your kind. We are enemies. Arm and protect yourself, for only by arms may we resolve the conflicts between us. Goodbye. END &DarkMad

Reply 1[edit]

Graciously done, sir. And so, with your permission, I shall return to my reflections upon the abyss. I ask you please to forbear disturbing my meditations with further speech. Good day.

Player Response Result
I will honor your wishes, especially to avoid giving offense. Good day. END Command 13 &DarkThink
Certainly I would only disturb you if it were absolutely necessary, my lady. Good day. END Command 13 &DarkThink
If I need to speak with you, my lady, I will, even at the risk of giving offense. Good day. END Command 13 &DarkEnemy

Reply 2[edit]

An offense against my person, pride, or honor, mortal.

Player Response Result
And, if I were to threaten your lord, I suppose that would constitute an offense against your honor, supposing also that you are oathsworn to Lord Dagon? Reply 3

Reply 3[edit]

Yes. Indeed. You comprehend me completely.

Player Response Result
Then I fear I am bound to offend you, my lady. I bid you good day. END &DarkEnemy
A difficult matter, my lady. You see, I desire something from your lord that he may not wish to grant me. I desire my safety, and the safety of my friend, and our return to Tamriel. Reply 4

Reply 4[edit]

I know my lord's mind. I believe he might be content to spare your life and the life of your companion, on the condition that you both bind yourselves to him by solemn oaths. The harm you have done him grieves him, but not so greatly as to blind him to your value as a faithful servant. On the other hand, I am sure he would in no way consider your return to Tamriel.

Player Response Result
I cannot consider service to Lord Dagon, and would not consider forsaking my native land. I thank you for your words, but I doubt that our affairs can be settled except a contest of arms. Good day. END &DarkEnemy
So, if my companion and I were to swear oaths to Dagon's service, our lives would be spared? Reply 5

Reply 5[edit]

Yes. I am confident that my lord would gladly grant you your lives, and further, if you serve him well, your rewards might be great.

Player Response Result
And what guarantee would we have that Lord Dagon would honor his oath, and preserve our lives? Reply 6

Reply 6[edit]

None whatsoever. Humble creatures like you have no power to bind great lords to their oaths. But consider: great lords become great lords by attracting to themselves retainers of the highest quality. You and your companion have proven yourselves worthy.

Player Response Result
So we have no guarantees at all. We must simply trust to the generosity, and wise judgement, of Lord Dagon. Reply 1 &ServeDagon

Reply 7[edit]

If you were to deal in good faith, then it would only be in my lord's best interests to preserve you, and even encourage you with gifts and status if such were your just desserts. I have recognized your merits, and I have my lord's ear. My recommendations would carry great weight with him.

Player Response Result
You have given me much to consider. Thank you, and goodbye. END &DarkThink


[[She wrinkles her nose disdainfully and ignores you.]]

[[She stares at you with ill-disguised contempt and ignores your entreaties.]]

[[She appears to be lost in deep concentration, and does not respond.]]