Arena:Running Under Windows XP

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Environment Setup[edit]

Download and extract Arena XP

Make sure that folder contained within archive and named "DOS" is on C:\ (root disk directory). You should get C:\DOS\...5 files...

Then go to the Arena folder (for example C:\Arena or C:\Arena_CD), right-click on acd.exe (for v1.07) or a.exe (for v1.06).

Go to Properties -> Compatibility - Windows 95 -> Memory tab - all to Auto -> Program tab -> Advanced - on the top line (for Autoexec) write C:\DOS\autoexec.bat and on the bottom one (for Config) write C:\DOS\config.sys then press OK.

The pif-file should be created.

Now run arena.bat and enjoy!

More details can be found here.

Black Screen[edit]

If you happen to get black screen in game, try to change your sound options. Only use General MIDI for music. For in-game sound it is recommended to choose from Sound Blaster cards. Try also change IRQ from 7 to 5.

When opened in Notepad, arena.bat for Arena v1.06 should look like this:

@A -sa:220 -si:7 -sd:1 -ma:330 -mq:2 -md:1 -ssbpdig.adv -mgenmidi.adv

arena.bat for Arena Deluxe CD v1.07 (with NoCD) should look like this:

@ACD -Ssbpdig.adv -IOS220 -IRQS7 -DMAS1 -Mgenmidi.adv -IOM330 -IRQM2 -DMAM1

All that with your path and probably IRQ set to 5 (-si:5 or -IRQS5).