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A result of asking for the direction of the Elden Grove in Eldenroot

When the player asks for directions by pressing the "Where is...?" Option in the dialogue interface with almost any NPCs in any village, town or city in Arena, there are a variety of generic answers for the locations of location in the city and a few unique answers associated with Main Quest Dungeons exist however. These are:

Generic City Location Directions[edit]

These are the generic answers you may receive when asking NPCs within a city about the location of common feature of the city (i.e the Palace or one of the Temples) and are based on how much distance there between the player and the object of the question.

Marking on map
  • "Give me a moment and I'll show right on your map how close you are. [NPC name] says."
  • "Why don't I just inscribe the exact location on your map? [NPC name] says, pulling out a feather pen."
  • "It's very near, [NPC name] says, reaching for your map. Let me show you how close you are."
  • "Let me see your map, [NPC name] says. It's so nearby, t's easier just to show you."
  • "If I could see your map, I'll show you just how close you are. [NPC name] takes a pen from here pocket."
  • "Without hesitation, [NPC name] asks for your map to inscribe the exact location."
  • "It'd be easy if I just showed you, [NPC Name] says and inscribes the precise location on your map."
  • "Here, give me your map, [NPC Name] says. I'll show you how close you are."
General Direction
  • "That's [Direction] of here, last time I checked."
  • "Oh, you'll find that [Direction] of here."
  • "Now, I might be wrong but I'd look [Direction] of here."
  • "I would check to [Direction] if I were you."
  • "I'm not really sure. Go [Direction] for a while and ask there."
  • "I'm pretty sure it's [Direction] of here..."
  • "That's easy — It's [Direction] of here."
  • "That's a bit [Direction] of here, I'm sure of it."
Direction Unknown
  • "No Idea"
  • "I have no idea where that is. Sorry."
  • "You're asking the wrong person. Try someone else."
  • "I wish I could help you, but I haven't any idea."
  • "Sorry, [PC Race]. I'm afraid I don't know where that is."
  • "Sorry, I wish I could help you. You should ask someone else."
  • "I'm certain someone else could give directions, but not I."
  • "Wish I could help you, [PC Race]. You ought to ask someone else."
  • "I thought I knew [Settlement Name] pretty well, but I have no idea where that is."

Main Dungeon Directions[edit]

These are responses to asking for where to find a Main Quest Dungeon during it's given segment of the main quest. They change according to how far you are from the city where the quest leading to the discovery of the dungeon is found. As such, they can be divided in three: Those rumors that appear outside of the dungeon's home province, those that appear in the dungeon's home province but outside the city of it's quest, and those that appear in the city where the dungeon's quest is to take place.

Out-Province Directions
  • "Couriers from [Province] came here not yesterday speaking of the same thing! Perhaps you should travel there to find out the truth..."
  • "You wouldn't be the first searching for that. Why don't you try some of the cities in [Province]? I heard something happened there…"
  • "I heard that [Dungeon name] was somewhere in the wilderness of [Province]. I don't want to mislead you however, I'm really not very sure…"
  • "Have you tried asking at a Temple? They seem to know everything…"
  • "No one's heard of that in the past five hundred years…"
  • "Sorry friend, I thought that was just a myth."
  • "Have you tried near [Province]? I heard something strange happened thereabouts…"
  • "Isn't that just a legend…?"
  • "I honestly have no idea. Try someone else, maybe they can help…"
  • "There ain't no such thing!"
  • "Try the local inn. Tales are flying back and forth about something unearthed in the province of [Province]. Maybe you should check there…"
  • "Why don't you try somewhere in the wilds of [Province]. I think that the legends say that [Dungeon] was located there, but I'm really not sure..."
In-Province Directions
  • "Someone in the palace said they found something in [City name]. You might try there…"
  • "I'd check in [City name]. Some strange things have been happening around there..."
  • "I don't know much about [Dungeon name], but something about it was mentioned by a traveller from [City name]. Maybe you should look there…"
  • "There may be something in or near [City name], I heard that a Temple found something and has deciphered its location…"
  • "Last I heard the Mages Guild was looking somewhere near [City name] or was it [Misleading City name]? I'm not sure but you should probably start your search around there…"
  • "Well, it's funny you should ask about that. The latest news is that something was found near [City name]. I'd check there for more information, try an inn perhaps…"
  • "I don't know much about [Dungeon name] but I did overhear a man in a bar talk of something having been unearthed in [City name]. Hope the information helps..."
  • "There has been a strange talk of [Dungeon name] being near [City name]. If the rumors are true, you may want to start searching there…"
  • "Didn't someone unearth a clue in [City name]? I'd try searching near there, someone in that city-state might have some more information…"
  • "The only thing I've heard about [Dungeon] came from a traveller from [City name]. Maybe you should start there..."
In-City Rumors - Fang Lair
  • "I'll bet that some of the stuff recently uncovered in a keep outside the city showed the location of Fang Lair. I'd check at the palace, see what they say. Be careful though, a band of knights was seen attacking any who left the city."
  • "I think it's pretty much common knowledge that someone at the Palace here in Rihad claimed to have uncovered the location of Fang Lair. Someone else told me that they actually were attacked by knights. I'd be careful around there…"
  • "Check at the Palace. They claimed to have deciphered the location of Fang Lair from some ancient scroll their guards found in a keep outside the city…"
In-City Rumors - Labyrinthian
  • "I heard that knights out of the Fortress of Ice rode into town last night and attacked the Mages Guild in search of a map to the Labyrinthian! Check at the Guild, they may be able to help you…"
  • "The Labyrinthian's twisted corridors could trap you forever. It seems however that you are certain of this choice, so I implore you to check with the Mages Guild. They have come upon hard times, and would probably help you with any quest that would give them knowledge…"
  • "The Labyrinthian is said to hold treasures beyond imagination, and dangers that can kill those not fully prepared. The only place I'd think to ask is the Mage's [sic] Guild. If anyone had information, they would…"
In-City Rumors - Elden Grove
  • "It is said that there are those in the palace that guard the secret of the Elden Grove. Perhaps if you ask them, they will aid you in finding it. Beware though, they are sure to exact a price…"
  • "Few know of the legendary Elden Grove. Take your questions to the Palace. The Queen will perhaps be able to help you on your quest…"
  • "Elden Grove, I thought it was just a legend. There are many who think that the Queen of the city knows the real location, and guards that knowledge…"
In-City Rumors - Halls of Colossus
  • "A couple of days ago, some priests rode away on a hurry. They were chased by a small group from the Mage's [sic] Guild. If you ask there, the Magi may tell you more…"
  • "I heard that the priests of Agamanus have declared war on the Mage's [sic] Guild! It is said that their conflict arose over something the priests found which may lead to the Halls of Colossus. I'd check the Mage's [sic] Guild for more information."
  • "I heard some priests found something just outside the city. They took whatever it was to the Mage's [sic] Guild. I'd check there for more information…"
In-City Rumors - Crystal Tower
  • "All mages at one time or another seek the Crystal Tower for it is the crux of magic in the world. Those who know not where to begin often seek counsel at the Mage's [sic] Guild. Perhaps you should try there."
  • "It is said that the Mages Guild seeks the Crystal Tower for some artifact of great power with which they can fight the followers of the Mad God. Perhaps if you were to go the Mage's [sic] Guilds and ask them, they would agree to help on return for some payment…"
  • "The Crystal Tower is a nexus of power known by all Mages as the crucible of magic. You should ask the Mage's [sic] Guild for any information about it, though I'd guess they would tell you little or nothing…"
In-City Rumors - Crypt of Hearts
  • "I wouldn't wish to travel there, legend or not. I did hear however that the Brotherhood of Seth found clues to the location of the Crypt in the Mines of Khuras. You might want to go ask the priests for more information…"
  • "The priests of the Brotherhood of Seth were ever a secretive lot, one that did not share information lightly. Still, I think that if you wish to uncover the location of the Crypt of Hearts, you must begin your search at the Temple itself…"
  • "The sun must have addled your wits! The Crypt of Hearts is just a legend, and even if it were real, it would be a most dangerous place. If you are bent upon this course, you can of course check at the Brotherhood of Seth. It is said that they hold many clues to the location…"
In-City Rumors - Murkwood
  • "Although it is not common knowledge, I heard that a great spell caused the collapse of a part of the Conclave of Baal in Stormhold, the part that held much of their maps and treasure. If information to Murkwood is anywhere, it'll be with them…"
  • "I heard that the priests in the Conclave of Baal in Stormhold know the location of Murkwood, yet hold it a dear secret. I doubt they will tell you the truth, unless it's for the right price…"
  • "Fengris of the market told my brother that his son overheard two men talking about something about [sic] a map to Murkwood being in a collapsed portion of the Conclave of Baal. Maybe you should ask there…"
In-City Rumors - Dagoth-Ur
  • "It is rumored that the Dwarves built a secret opening to the Mount of Dagoth-Ur. Now any knowledge of that is lost, unless the Palace kept records. You may wish to go and inquire there…"
  • "Dagoth-Ur, why in the Lady's name would you wish to journey there? Well, I cannot help you but the Palace is said to keep records of many things. Perhaps they would know…"
  • "Many have journeyed to the Mount in search of great treasure, but few have been heard of again. Those who survived it's fiery slopes spoke of demons. If you are bent on traveling this journey, check at the Palace, they usually keep records of these things…"