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"We bid you welcome to the City-State which greets the sun as it begins its journey, Dawnstar..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Dawnstar
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Skyrim
The location of Dawnstar in Skyrim
Yellow pog.png
The location of Dawnstar in Skyrim

Dawnstar is a city-state located on the northern coast of Skyrim. The ruler is King Ulrarne. Its rivals are Whiterun and Winterhold.


  • Black Galley
  • Black Ship
  • Blue Locker
  • Blue Mug
  • Blue Pier
  • Crimson Gull
  • Crimson Tide
  • Dancing Galley
  • Dirty Crow's Nest
  • Dirty Noose
  • Dirty Wharf
  • Haunted Chest
  • Haunted Saber
  • Howling Treasure
  • Laughing Pier
  • Lucky Port
  • Queen's Locker
  • Red Noose
  • Rusty Anchor
  • Rusty Gibbet
  • Rusty Serpent
  • Screaming Pier
  • Silver Galley
  • Silver Treasure
  • Thirsty Galley
  • Thirsty Tide
  • Unfortunate Cup
  • Unfortunate Cutlass
  • Unfortunate Port
  • White Cutlass
  • White Pier
  • White Tide
  • Conclave of Justice
  • Conclave of Mercy
  • Conclave of Riana
  • Conclave of Truth
  • Conclave of the One Prophet
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • The Wyrm's Accouterments
  • The Wyrm's Supply Store
  • The city-state Armaments
  • Unearthed Sundries
  • Used Accouterments


  • Dawnstar is a possible starting location for Nords.