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My character is a level 37 mage and he is a breton and has the following major skills:

                                                  Blade - 50
                                                  Alchemy - 50
                                                  Destruction - 100
                                                  Alteration - 100
                                                  Conjuration - 100
                                                  Illusion - 100
                                                  Mysticism - 100

I have completed the main quest, the knights of the nine and the shivering isles. He however is more infamous than famous.

if any magic users wish to know how i mastered these magic skills its really quite simple

Make a spell that targets yourself but has weak effects. For example a Detect life spell for Mysticism that lasts for one second and only three for magnitude. This will only cost 3 MPs and will quickly increase your magic skill because you only gain XP points for magic when it hits a LIVING target.