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ON-icon-achievement-Pulled from the Depths.png Pulled from the Depths
Type Necrom Achievements
Points 10
Needed for
Furnishing(s) Hermaeus Mora Banner (page) (0001200012,000 Gold)
Encounter this rare and unusual fish in Apocrypha.

Pulled from the Depths is achieved by pulling a Lurker out of the abyssal depths while fishing in Apocrypha. Very rarely when reeling in your catch, instead of obtaining an item a hostile Lurker will jump out of the fishing hole and knock you back, initiating combat. Upon defeat, the Lurker will drop a rare Apocrypha fish (Inkwell Squid, Inkfish or Lurker Spawn). These fish are needed for the Necrom Master Angler achievement.

Earning this achievement allows purchasing Hermaeus Mora Banner (page) for your house. It costs 0001200012,000 Gold and can be purchased from Vasei in Necrom.