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ON-icon-achievement-Blank.pngON-icon-head-Half Skull.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Nightblade Slayer
ON-icon-achievement-Blank.pngON-icon-head-Half Skull.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Grand Nightblade Slayer
Type Alliance War Achievements
Points 10, 15
Dye Nightblades' Indigo Nightblades' Indigo
Kill [10 / 100] enemy Nightblades.

Grand Nightblade Slayer and its preceding achievement are awarded for defeating other players of the Nightblade class in the Alliance War or Battlegrounds. Unlike Emperor Slayer, you do not need to land the killing blow yourself so long as you participate in the battle and deal at least some damage.[verification needed — Does tanking/healing count?]