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ON-icon-achievement-Blooded Duelist.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Blooded Duelist
ON-icon-achievement-Seasoned Duelist.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Seasoned Duelist
ON-icon-achievement-Master Duelist.pngON-icon-ActiveFrame.png Master Duelist
Type Character Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Title Duelist
Furnishings Dueling Banner (0001000010,000 Gold)
Win [1 / 25 / 100] duels against other players.

Master Duelist and its preceding achievements are awarded for defeating other players in duels. The Master Duelist achievement will allow you to purchase a Dueling Banner for your house. It costs 0001000010,000 Gold and can be purchased from (?) in (?).

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