The Deadlands

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ON-icon-achievement-DLC Master Angler.png Deadlands Master Angler
Type The Deadlands Achievements
Points 5
Furnishing(s) Sulfur Pool (page) (0002000020,000 Gold)
Catch all 12 rare fish in the Deadlands.

Deadlands Master Angler is awarded for catching all 12 rare fish in the Deadlands.

The Deadlands only contains foul water fishing holes, and only in the Sever. The Burn is too hot and contains nothing but pools of magma. The highest concentration of fishing holes can be found in the valley at Jynd's Foundry.

Type Fish Locations

Molten Nudibranch
Ogrim Goonch
Rustbelly Loach
Black-Eyed Croaker
Corpus Hagfin
Deadlands Trout
Dusk Angler
Ebony Mudfish
Slag Eel
Vile Crayfish

  • Everywhere
Lake None
Ocean None
River None