Clockwork City

Online:Clockwork City Master Angler

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ON-icon-achievement-DLC Master Angler.png Clockwork City Master Angler
Type Clockwork City Achievements
Points 5
Catch all 12 rare fish in Clockwork City.

Clockwork City Master Angler is awarded for catching all 12 rare fish in the Clockwork City. All of the water in the Clockwork City is considered Foul water, so stock up on Crawlers and Fish Roe.

Type Fish Locations

Ancestor Wrasse
Barilzar's Grenadier
Clicking Travally
Copperclaw Crayfish
Coppery Cucumber
Imperfect Blobfin
Oil-eater Whalefish
Operant Eel
Verminous Catfish
Whisper Knifefish

  • Everywhere
Lake None
Ocean None
River None


  • You can also catch a Clockerfish or Typical Barb from fishing holes in Clockwork City. These appear instead of the usual foul water fish.