Clockwork City

Online:Brass Fortress Quarter Master

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ON-icon-achievement-Brass Fortress Helper.png Brass Fortress Helper
ON-icon-achievement-Brass Fortress Supplier.png Brass Fortress Supplier
ON-icon-achievement-Brass Fortress Quarter Master.png Brass Fortress Quarter Master
Type Clockwork City Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Complete [1, 7, 30] Brass Fortress resupply dailies.

Brass Fortress Quarter Master and its preceding achievements are awarded for completing daily quests for Razgurug in the Brass Fortress. You can earn the final achievement and title by sharing quests from other players in as few as 6 days, since there are 5 quests to choose from, and you can potentially do all of them once per day by sharing quests. The applicable quests are:

  • Repeatable A Bitter PillClockwork City: Gather Herbalist's Satchels to assist the people of Slag Town.
  • Repeatable A Sticky SolutionClockwork City: Gather fabricated husk and counterfeit coal to assist the people of Slag Town.
  • Repeatable Enchanted AccumulationClockwork City: Gather runestones and runelights to aid the residents of Slag Town in the Brass Fortress.
  • Repeatable Fuel for our FiresClockwork City: Gather synthetic oils and skimmer mesh to aid the residents of Slag Town in the Brass Fortress.
  • Repeatable Loose StrandsClockwork City: Gather metal strands and artificial lodestones to aid the residents of Slag Town.