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Arniel Branck
Home City Senchal
Location Senchal Docks
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Arniel Branck

Arniel Branck is a Breton merchant who can be found at the docks in Senchal. He does not exist in the game prior to starting the related quest.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You must steal his ship manifest during the related quest to delay him from attending his meeting with General Renmus. The ledger is on a crate near the dockmaster. Speaking to him before stealing the ledger:

"Who would have thought that Senchal of all places would have customs? I'll never make my appointment at this rate!"
"You said you had a ship manifest. May this one inspect it?"
"Yes, if you must. It's right on this crate."

After you steal the manifest, Hanilzur will call Arniel up to receive the document you just took:

Hanilzur: "Arniel Branck! We're ready for you now."
Arniel Branck: "Finally! I thought I'd never get off this dock."
Hanilzur: "You said you had a ship manifest. May this one inspect it?"
Arniel Branck: "Yes, if you must. It's right on this crate."
Hanilzur: "All right, this shouldn't take long."

Hanilzur approaches the crate Arniel pointed towards and leans over. He can't find the document.

Arniel Branck: "Hmm? Is something the matter?"
Hanilzur: "Do you play games with this one? There's no manifest on this crate."
Arniel Branck: "What? No, that can't be right. I'm sure it was there."
Hanilzur: "Need this one remind you, all ships without a sanctioned manifest will be subject to—"
Arniel Branck: "I know the law! But I'm telling you, the manifest was on this crate!"
Hanilzur: "Unless you can produce it, we'll have to inspect your cargo."
Arniel Branck: "But ... but ... that could take hours! I have an appointment!"

Hanilzur walks off.

Arniel Branck: "Just wait until my guild hears about this brutish treatment! They won't let it stand, I can assure you of that!"

He is visibly upset by this turn of events.

"Where in Oblivion did my manifest go? It was on this crate, I'm sure of it!"