Oblivion:Game Manual

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OB-cover-Oblivion Box Art.jpg
Release Date 20 March, 2006
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Pages Varies on version
Game Oblivion

The Oblivion Game Manual is the instruction manual included with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The manual gives basic instructions to gameplay mechanics. It can be downloaded here.

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Getting StartedOn PlayStation
  • Gameplay ControlsOn PlayStation
  • Introduction to Oblivion
  • Installing the GameOn PC / Staring Shivering Isles and Knights of the NineOn PlayStation
  • Main Menu
  • Gameplay ControlsOn PCOn Xbox
  • The Game Screen
  • Compass and Activation Icons
  • Journal and Stats Menu
  • Stats Menu
  • Inventory Menu
  • Magic Menu
  • Maps and Quests
  • Races
  • Attributes
  • Derived Attributes
  • Skills, Mastery Levels, and Skill Perks
  • Classes
  • Increasing your skills and leveling up
  • The Arts of Combat
  • The Arts of Magic
  • The Arts of Stealth
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Dialogue
  • Horses, Houses, Books, Containers
  • Options and Preferences
  • Xbox LiveOn Xbox

The back cover of the manual is a copy of the Gameplay Controls page in the manual.


  • The PS3 version of the manual is slightly different; in its table of contents it categorises several subsections of the above table of contents as their own separate section.
  • Varying versions of the manual, depending on each released version of Oblivion and their region, will have different back pages.
    • The version of the manual that came with the Collector's Edition[verification needed — base retail release too?] had pages advertising Oblivion merchandise at the now defunct Oblivion Store website, the first edition of the Prima Game Guide, and the mobile version of Oblivion.
    • The PC and Xbox versions of the manual that are available to download via the link above have a page advertising the GOTY Edition of the Prima Game Guide.
    • The PS3 version of the manual available to download via the link above has a blank page used for taking notes.
  • The Fifth Anniversary Edition of the manual is significantly shorter, excluding about 1/3 of the sections listed above.
  • Screenshots in the manual shows the player-character is an Imperial named Bendu Olo.