Morrowind:Slave Market

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Savile Imayn has fine slaves for sale
The Tel Aruhn Underground where you can find the slaves before buying them.

Although there are many places around Morrowind where one can find slaves (such as Sadrith Mora, Suran, Molag Mar, etc.), there is only one place in the game from where you can actually buy them, and that is the Slave Market in Tel Aruhn. You purchase them from the Dark Elf woman, Savile Imayn. Here you can find six slaves of varying races, each priced at 1,000 gold.


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  • Unlike regular followers, slaves can not be told to wait. The only way slaves will stop following you is if you free them or use a teleport spell (i.e. Mark/Recall). If you return to the cell in which you left them, they will continue to follow you.