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MW-icon-effect-Command Creature.jpgMW-icon-effect-Command Humanoid.jpg Command
School Conjuration
Type Offensive
Base Cost 15
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Aryon's Dominator
Amulet of Domination

Command <type> M Levels for D seconds

Makes the target fight for you and follow you for D seconds, where M stands for the target's level. These are actually two separate effects: Command Creature will work on all creatures. Command Humanoid will work on all humanoid NPCs. The afflicted will behave much like a summoned creature. They will ignore your presence, engage hostiles, and turn hostile if you hit them 3 times.


  • Commanded creatures are ripe for some back stabbing. Just command the creature, deal your stealth hits, and command it again.
  • Command Humanoid is a good means of bringing NPCs into a different location, as they will follow you, even to different cells, as long as the effect is active. You can use this to lure vendors out of their shops and loot the place, lure intended murder victims away from any potential witnesses, or bring non-freeable Slaves into a location where you CAN free slaves, and free them there.
  • Command spells are also good to just bring service providers to somewhere more convenient. Want to have your own Guild Guide? Just Command one of them and bring them to your house. (The destination from the other Guild Guides will stay the same, but it allows you to instantly transport yourself to any of the Mages Guild cities right from your house.) Want a merchant or enchanter or spellmaker or whatever nearby? This works on them as well. Just be careful - Commanded people brought to different cells have been known to occasionally disappear if you leave them alone too long. If you lose somebody, don't panic. First, check their default location. If that doesn't work, take a trip to the Daedric shrine of Assarnatamat.
  • Another useful Command trick is to use the spell to move NPCs who are blocking doorways or frequently traveled paths.
  • Command spells should never be used in conjunction with using the services of transportation NPCs or trainers. If the spell is still active while you travel/train, the NPC may permanently vanish. If you plan on relocating a trainer/transportation NPC, refrain from using their services until you're positive that the spell is no longer in effect.
  • Command spells that have become permanent can be broken whenever you wish. The following method is recommended for leaving your Commanded targets in a very specific location: teleport away from your target and out of the cell. Wait three days and return. The spell is no longer in effect.
  • Commanded targets that respawn (like no-name guards) won't remain where you left them, once the respawn is initiated.
  • Even a low-duration Command spell can be effective at breaking up large groups of enemies when cast from stealth or long distance. Enemies that turn against each other will continue fighting even after the spell wears off, provided you don't present yourself as a new target. This strategy can be useful in the early game when the casting cost is prohibitive.
  • The required level of command for the spell to actually affect the target is its level. For instance, commanding Dagoth Ur and Vivec requires a level 100 command because their levels are 100, therefore commanding most creatures is rather easy, as for the most part they are very low levels.
  • Commanding a humanoid can make them non-hostile, even after the duration has ended.


  • Command spells can become permanent on your target.

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