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BK-cover-Battlespire User's Guide.jpg
Release Date November 30, 1997
Author(s) Ed Chang and Kate Springle
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Pages 64
Game Battlespire

The Battlespire User's Guide is the manual included with An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire. It was written by Ed Chang and Kate Springle, designed by Peggy Meile and Casper Uhl, and published by Bethesda Softworks. The sections of the manual are summarized below.



A list of everyone on the development team, including beta testers.


Instructions for installing and configuring Battlespire on DOS or Windows 95.

A First Look[edit]

This section gives a brief guide to navigating the menus and help screens.

Character Creation[edit]

This section explains the process of character creation, including race, face, and class, then details the process of creating a custom class, including skills, equipment, advantages and disadvantages.

Multiplayer Scenarios[edit]

This section describes how to start a multiplayer game and the goal of each of the three scenarios.

Starter Walk Through[edit]

This section describes the HUD, options, and controls. Basic elements of gameplay such as combat and dialogue are explained.


This sections lists all of the kinds and materials of weapons and armor found in Battlespire, as well as descriptions for each spell. Enchanted items and Daedric sigils are explained, and a chart is provided to transliterate between the Daedric and English alphabets. Finally, there is note from the developers talking about their design goals.


  • The manual wrongly states that "endurance directly affects the character's health". In fact, the only factor that affects health is the number of wounds the character has.
  • The list of skills governed by each attribute is often incorrect.