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Potions in Arena produce a particular magic effect when drank, and can be used to heal your character, boost resistances, or grant temporary abilities. To use a potion, click the Use Magic Item icon or press the U key and double-click on the potion you want to use from the list in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Potions can be bought from the Mages Guild or found as random loot. Any potions found as loot will be simply labeled "Potion" and will be colored cyan in your inventory. Like other magical items, these will need to be taken to a Mages Guild to be identified.

A list of available potions and their effects is shown below:

Potion Type Effect
Potion of Healing Heals Health
Potion of Heal True Heals more Health than "Potion of Healing"
Potion of Restore Power Heals Spell points
Potion of Stamina Heals Fatigue
Potion of Purification Heals Health, cures Poison and gives Sanctuary
Potion of Free Action Cures Paralyzation
Potion of Cure Poison Cures Poison
Potion of Cure Disease Cures Disease
Potion of Levitation Gives Levitation
Potion of Invisibility Gives Invisibility
Potion of Strength Gives Strength points temporarily
Potion of Resist Fire Gives Fire resistance
Potion of Resist Cold Gives Cold resistance
Potion of Resist Shock Gives Shock resistance
Potion of Resist Poison Gives Poison resistance