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  • =Lvl - Indicates that all items in list are calculated; any item at a level up to your level can be chosen. Otherwise, only items with the highest level at or below your level will be found.
  • Each - Indicates that there is a chance of finding each item on the list. Otherwise, only one will be chosen.
  • %0 - Indicates chance of finding nothing. For items with the Each option, this chance is applied to all items in the list.


ID =Lvl Each %0 Lvl Item Lvl Item
random_adamantium Yes No 40 1 Adamantium Ore
random_bulbs Yes No 30 1 Horn Lily Bulb
random_stalks Yes No 30 1 Nirthfly Stalks
random_timsa Yes No 30 1 Timsa-Come-By flowers
random_rye Yes No 0 1 Meadow Rye
random_sweetpulp Yes No 30 1 Sweetpulp
random_cabbage Yes No 30 1 Scrib Cabbage
random_spines Yes No 30 1 Lloramor Spines
random_golden_sedge Yes No 30 1 Golden Sedge Flowers
random_noble_sedge Yes No 30 1 Noble Sedge Flowers

Goblin Series[edit]

ID =Lvl Each %0 Lvl Item Lvl Item
goblin_weapons_random Yes No 0 1
Goblin Sword
Goblin Sword
1 Goblin Club
goblin_health No No 00 1
Bargain Restore Health
Quality Restore Health
40 Exclusive Restore Health