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The Luggage provides a single container that is shared between locations. While this is a bit uber, it's nice for the player to have some things always at hand as they move between different owned houses, etc.


Luggage consists of:

  • cobLugMain: A central luggage container. This is the actual container used whenever the luggage is accessed. When it's enabled, the luggage is available. All other instances of luggage work by acting as remote activators for this container.
  • cobLugFirst: This remote activator is the trigger luggage. Dealing with it correctly will result in cobLugMain being activated.

Remote Activators[edit]

  • Remote Activators: All of these instances of the luggage are hidden unless cobLugMainRef is enabled. They typically also have other conditions that must be met before they'll appear.
    • cobLugMages: Disabled unless player is a rank 1 or higher in Mages Guild.
    • cobLugFighters: Disabled unless player is rank 1 or higher in Fighters Guild.
    • cobLugVanilla: Disabled unless cell/ownership conditions are met. These have a long script (modified in Cobl Glue.esp) that handles all of the tavern/inn luggage placements. (Don't use this.)
    • cobLugSi: Similar to cobLugVanilla, but with a special script that handles the two SI rentable beds as well as the castle locations.
    • cobLugBasic:
      • If "parent" variable is not set, then there are no special conditions on this. Good for homes, etc.
      • If "parent" variable is set, then is disabled unless the parent reference is owned by the player.
    • cobLugCamp: Disabled until player sleeps nearby. After that, luggage will remain available for one to two days.


  • For Fighters and Mages guildhalls, use the corresponding faction based luggage.
  • For homes which the player can't enter until the home is bought, use cobLugBasic.
  • For wilderness camps use cobLugCamp.
  • For rentable beds, you can also use cobLugBasic if you set the parent for it (e.g. to the rented bed).
    • Place a cobLugBasic instance, make it permanent and assign an editor id to it.
    • In a script elsewhere, assign the parent to it. (E.g. set wrHotelHellLuggage.parent to wrHotelHellRentBed.) Remember that if parent is not set, the luggage will appear as soon as the luggage becomes available. Hence you should set the parent in the initialization script for your mod.
  • If you have a particularly large mod with many possible luggage locations, then you may want to have your own custom remote activator/script (ala cobLugVanilla).