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This is a dual-purpose template.

  • If used without a parameter, it will simply display a superscript DB that links to the Dragonborn main page. This form should only be used on non-Dragonborn pages.
  • If a parameter is supplied, it will instead create a link to that parameter name in the Dragonborn namespace. This form has been superseded by the namespace shortcut DB, which can be used like any cross-namespace link (e.g., [[DB:page name|]] or [[DB:page name|display text]]).

Calls to this template will at some point be converted to standard links by one of our bots.


Parameter Scope Description
1 optional Dragonborn page name to link to.
2 optional The name to display if different from the first unnamed parameter.
par optional If anything is specified for this parameter, parentheses will be put around the superscript text.


DB style Link style Result