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SK-icon-inventory-ConsumablesMiscellaneous.png Consumables is the name given by the game to all items that may be eaten or drunk to provide an effect of some kind. Some of the effects are permanent, some temporary; some are solely beneficial and some have side-effects.

Name Buy Value Sell Value Effect
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Ahm Galath 1325 464 Increase Lethal Strike by 20pts for 1600s
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Azra Root 3200 1120 Permanently add 5 pts to Intelligence, but damage Endurance by 2 pts and Strength by 1
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Bervez Juice 12 4 Restores 15 pts Health and 45 pts Fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Bitter Tea 0 0 Permanently add 5 pts to Endurance, but damage Agility by 2pts and Intelligence by 1
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Black Mushroom 550 193 Increase Armor Value by 3pts for 300s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Bounder Skin 650 228 Increase Armor and Defense by 2 pts, and Strength by 10pts, all for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Bread 4 1 Restores 50 fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Clawrunner Skin 915 320 Increase Armor and Defense by 2 pts, and Strength by 10pts, all for 300s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Cure Blindness Balm 140 49 Cures blindness
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Deathsnow Dust 320 109 Increase Attack by 10pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Earth Moss 1100 385 Permanently add 5pts to Agility, but damage Endurance by 2pts and Strength by 1
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Floater Sac 400 140 Increase Magic Resistance by 5pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Fox Herb 900 315 Increase Precise Magic by 2pts for 1200s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Ghost Flame 85 30 Drain 30pts Fatigue[nb 1]
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Glacier Flower 830 291 Increase Luck by 40pts for 30s but drain fatigue 20pts
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Glacier Moss 550 193 Increase Willpower by 40pts for 30s but drain fatigue 20pts
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Goblin Wax 1340 469 Permanently add 5 pts to Speed, but damage Personality by 2pts and Strength by 1
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Gray Mushroom 468 164 Permanently add 1pt to Speed
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Healing Potion 65 23 Restore 30pts Health
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Horrid Tongue 890 314 Increase Magic Resistance 5pts for 180s
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Ice Grape 535 187 Increase Magic Resistance 10pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Jade Dust 620 217 Increase Defense 10pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Lock Dust 175 61 Increase lock picking and disarm 3pts for 1400s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Magicka Potion 70 25 Restore 30pts Magicka
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Mana Ice 170 60 Restore 50pts of Magicka
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Mercredi's Potion 466 163 Restore 30 Health but drain 10 Magicka (must have at least 10 Magicka to use)
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Mountain Jerky 220 77 Restore 20 pts Health and Magicka, and 100pts Fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Muffin 2 1 Restore 30pts Fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Persa Flower 680 238 Increase lock picking and disarm 20pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Ra' Gada Warpaint 190 67 Increase armor 5pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Raider Chew 2470 865 Permanently add 5 pts to Strength, but damage Intelligence by 2pts and Agility by 1
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Rat's Eye 15 5 Casts Mystic Might for 1600s
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Red Mushroom 448 157 Increases health (both max and current) by 50pts for 300s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Scythe Crystals 1200 420 Attack nearby enemies for 12-44 points of damage
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Shadowbane 1100 385 Nothing[nb 2]
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Shadowseed 8000 2800 Increase Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Speed, Perception[nb 3], Luck, Endurance and Will by 10pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Skyrim Potion 400 140 Fully restore Health, Fatigue and Magicka
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Smack Water 225 79 Increase Strength by 10pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Smile Potion 180 63 Increase Personality by 20pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Snowray Powder 4700 1645 Immunity to all special attacks for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Spell Web Thread 3400 1190 Increase Magic Resistance by 15pts for 300s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Spider Heart 40 14 Increase Lethal Strike by 5pts for 1600s
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Stew 25 7 Restore 30pts Fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Sunlight Water 380 133 Increase Armor and Magic Resistance by 5pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Thunder Herb 310 109 Increase Damage by 20pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Toad Muffin 20 7 Restore 20pts Fatigue and 10pts Magicka
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Topaz Dust 3200 1120 Permanently increase Personality by 5pts but damage Agility by 2pts and Luck by 1pt
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Tremble Weed 188 66 Increase Speed by 20pts for 30s but drain fatigue by 25pts
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Trothgar's Healing Potion 18 6 Restore 25pts Health but drain 50pts Fatigue
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Trothgar's Magicka Potion 20 7 Restore 25pts Magicka but drain 50pts Fatigue (must have at least 50 fatigue to use)
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Umbric Fur 420 147 Increase Attack, Defense and Armor by 2pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Vermin Bomb 400 140 Attack nearby enemies for 2-12 points of damage
SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Vicar Herb 45 16 Restore 15pts Health and Magicka
SK-icon-consumable-Food.png Warrior Bread 25 9 Restore 40pts Fatigue and 10pts Health
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Warrior's Strength 220 77 Increase Strength by 20pts for 30s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Wickeder Skin 560 196 Increase Armor and Defense by 2pts for 120s
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Zombie Dust 170 60 Increase Armor by 2pts for 30s


  • ^1The description of this item says "Increase your Damage versus Undead temporarily at the cost of Fatigue", but only the fatigue drain has been scripted.
  • ^2The item description says "Increase all eight primary attributes by 10 temporarily", but the script simply plays a sound. Shadowseed produces the effect instead.
  • ^3There is no other mention of "Perception" in the game scripts. Presumably, "Personality" was the intended target, and this is a typo.