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These are the collected release notes for Tes4View. Until better documentation is available, these should help somewhat.

Version 1.2.27[edit]

  • ammo spreadsheet should work again
  • fixed bug which sometimes caused AVs when deleting records via the context menu of the header in the view tab
  • the window for viewing long texts has now scroll bars and is no longer modal

Version 1.2.28[edit]

I've just uploaded 1.2.28 BETA which should fix the problem reported here: here

Version 1.2.29[edit]

1.2.29 BETA has been uploaded which no longer sorts effect subrecords

Version 1.2.30[edit]

When started as TES4Edit it implements the "Batch Change Referencing Records" function that Wrye asked for: here (It can be found in the context menu of file nodes in the treeview on the left side.) It hasn't been extensively tested yet, so please let me know if there are any problems with it.

Version 1.2.31[edit]

The new version now allows "copy as override into" on all records in the Cell and Worldspace trees.

It also now distinguishes between "copy as override into" and "deep copy as override into". Depending on which specific record you have selected you may get either or both options.

The difference is: "copy as override into" on a CELL record will just copy that single CELL record "deep copy as override into" will copy that CELL record and all the LAND, PGRD, REFR, ACRE, ACHR, ... records that might be contained in it's child groups. (The same applies to WRLD records)

One great side effect of these changes is that the "cleanup references to injected records" is now working for everything in the Cell and Worldspace tree as well!

That means it's now trivial to completely and properly fix OOO. Specifically, the presence of references to records injected by the esp into the esm in the esm meant that you can't load ooo.esm in TESCS without also loading the ooo.esp or you got a while load of errors thrown at you. That meant it was impossible to edit another esp which depends on ooo.esm in TESCS without loading the ooo.esp as well which messes up the FormIDs written by TESCS into that other esp.

To fix OOO (takes less then 5 minutes) please follow these steps:

  • Start TES4Edit with only oblivion.esm, ooo.esm and ooo.esp loaded (right click "select none", then check just ooo.esp, ok... the others will be implicitly loaded)
  • apply filter, filter only "by references inject status" and "only references injected"
  • you will now see all the records in ooo.esp that contain references to records injected by ooo.esp
    • go through the treeview, right click on the records and select "cleanup references to injected records". This will automatically fix the problem by doing a "copy as override into" from the esm to the esp and then removing the parts of the record in the esm which references injected records from the esp.
    • outside the Cell tree you can easily just multiselect all the records in each group

There are a couple of AI Package records which are not detected as referencing injected records but which still make a problem when ooo.esm is loaded alone in TESCS. The reason for that is that these records reference REFR records which exist in the esm, but are marked as temporary references and are then overridden by versions in the esp where they are marked as persistent references. The records in question are:


To fix these:

  • cancel filter
  • Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm \ AI Package \ ... and look at each of these records, for each:
    • copy as override into... ooo.esp
    • right click on the "location" line for the esm and select "Remove
    • right click on the "conditions" line for the esm and select "Remove"
    • right click on the "target" line for the esm and select "Remove"

dev_akm, please please consider fixing these in OOO before releasing 1.32 final. It makes life a lot easier for anyone creating esp's which depend on OOO.esm in TESCS. The "Name" column in the left hand treeview now shows the name of the referenced base record for REFR, ACHR and ACRE records. I can't easily let you edit the record flags currently. But for all other flag fields you can now right click on them, select "Edit" and you get a dialog with checkboxes where you can select the flags you want.

Version 1.2.32[edit]

What's new?

  • When applying a filter it's now possible to filter on EditorID and Name
  • much better handling when using "Copy as override into" between 2 mods with the same load order (after using "Compare To")
  • Visible when distant can be changed for REFR records:
    • via the context menu of the navigation treeview on the left (multiselect is supported)
    • via the context menu on the "referenced by" tab (multiselect is supported)

Version 1.2.33[edit]

What's new?

  • new option in context menu of navigation treeview: Remove "Identical to Master" records
  • EditorID and Name filters are now case insensitive
  • new options in context menu of referenced by tab: (Deep) Copy as override/new record into
  • solution for the PGRD problem described in this post.
    • because this significantly increases the time to apply filter if many PGRD records are present it needs to be specifically activate:
    • start TES4Edit with -FixupPGRD as additional parameter
  • fixes minor issue with ENCH records where some mods could contain an unexpected FULL subrecord

As always, approach with caution, report all irregularities, keep your backups :)

Also, TES4Dump has been updated to use the same version of the read/write engine as this release of TES4View: [1] Did I mention it now comes with full source?

Version 1.2.34[edit]

What's new?

  • fixed a bug in the new 'Remove "Identical to Master" Records' function that could leave empty cell children groups behind
  • greatly extended filter options:
    • by persistence, only keeps either temporary or persistent REFR/ACRE/ACHR records inside CELLs.
      • only possible unnecessary persistent: keeps only persistent REFR which don't need to be persistent
        • only if master is not persistent: further limits it to records that have a master and where the master is not persistent
        • or if it's the master also shows unnecessary persistent records if they don't have a master (but not the ones that have a master which is marked as persistent)
      • only if position/rotation was changed: helps tracking down any moved persistent references. **It's necessary to create scripts updating the position for all of these as the old position might already have been stored in the save game**
    • by Visible When Distant: only keeps REFRs that are VWD / not VWD
    • by Record Signature: only keeps records with specific Signatures, e.g. if you are only interested in conflicting LAND records
    • by Base Record Signature: only keeps REFR/ACRE/ACHR records that reference a record with a specific Signature, e.g. if you want to find all lights that are placed somewhere
    • by Base Record Editor ID: only keeps REFR/ACRE/ACHR records that reference a record which contains the specified text in it's EditorID (e.g. if you are searching for "Rock"'s)
    • by Base Record Name: same as above, just for the Name

Version 1.2.35/1.2.36[edit]

What's new?

  • Support for BSA archives. Will automatically load the BSAs referenced in oblivion.ini and belonging to any .esp you're loading
  • New filter option: "has visible when distant mesh" (which correctly searches through the relevant BSAs and data folder). Together with the normal "Visible When Distant" filter you can now easily see:
    • All REFRs with "Visible When Distant" turned on for which no _far.nif exists
    • All REFRs that are not "Visible When Distant" but for which a _far.nif exists.
  • New option in the navigation treeview context menu: "Set VWD for all REFR with VWD Mesh in this file" This will automatically turn on VWD for all exterior REFRs for which a _far nif exists.
  • New option in the navigation treeview context menu: "Set VWD for all REFR with VWD Mesh as override into...." similar like the one above, but will instead write overriding REFR records into a new file, generating a patch esp.

With that last option you can then do the following:

  • start TES4Edit with all your mods loaded like you normally play
  • multiselect all files and generate a new VWD.esp which turns on VWD for everything for which you got _far.nif's
  • start TESCS, load all your usually active mods + VWD.esp (ignore any errors, we are not going to save any esp's).
  • generate the LOD files for whatever worldspace(s) you want
  • delete the VWD.esp (no longer required)
  • play

Which should give you the maximum possible VWD depending on the _far nif's you have installed. correctly taking into account any addition/delete/movement of references by any of your mods.

Version 1.2.37[edit]

What's new?

  • updated modgroups
  • new option on the navigation treeview: "Generate Object LOD":
    • make sure you have exactly the mods loaded that you start the game with and in the same order! If any mods get added/removed or their load order changed you will need to run this function again.
    • select one or more mods, this selection is only used to search through the selected mods for populating the worldspace selection list
    • context menu on the navigation treeview: "Generate Object LOD"
    • select the worldspaces that you want to generate DistantLOD for, it should be no problem to just "select all" (in context menu on the selection dialog)
    • wait till it's done

"Generate Object LOD" will directly create the required .lod files in the Data\DistantLOD folder. lod data will be generated for all references for which a _far.nif exist. The VWD flag is no longer used! The generated LOD data will be tailor made for your specific setup. As the .lod files include load order corrected FormIDs you need to regenerate the LOD data every time after you added, removed or changed the load order of any mod.

To best use this feature I recommend the following:

Download either Almost Everything VWD or Almost Everything VWD large. Install the included meshes and textures, but not the DistantLOD folder (it's going to be regenerated by the steps given above).

The difference between the 2 is that the "large" version includes somewhat larger (but still smaller) textures as the normal version. If you have enough VRAM I would recommend the large version. None

Version 1.2.38/1.2.39[edit]

  • Contains an important fix for the problem described here.
  • Adds the grid coordinates of exterior cells in the "Name" column.

Version 1.2.41[edit]

  • the scripting system introduced in 1.2.40 has been cleaned up
    • should run noticeable faster
    • using the "Apply Script into...." function will now show a selection dialog where one or more scripts can be selected. The available scripts come from 2 sources:
      • In the data path: any file that starts with the same name as one of the loaded modules and has the tes4editscript extension
      • In the program path (where TES4View.exe is): any file with the extension tes4editscript
  • When starting the program with the -FixUpPGRD command line switch an additional case is handled: duplicated inter-cell connection entries are filtered.
  • The apply filter dialog has 2 new options:
    • Flatten Blocks/Sub-Blocks: hides the 2 nested levels of block and sub-block groups and shows all cells together in the Cell top level group and under Worldspace records
    • Flatten Cell Children: hides the separation of Cell children into persistent/temporary/VWD groups
  • Map Marker REFR's now have the Name of the Map Marker in the Name column of the navigation treeview.

Version 1.2.42[edit]

  • Certain comparisons that should have been case sensitive where case insensitive
  • DistantLOD generation for Trees should work better (please give feedback on this!)
  • New option when applying filters: "Assign Persistent Worldspace Children to Cell"
    • Requires that "Flatten Cell Children" is also active
    • sorts the persistent references from the worldspace cell into the individual grid cells
  • New menu entry on the navigation treeview: "Check for circular leveled lists".
    • Checks all leveled lists for circular references, taking into account the winning records of all currently loaded mods

Version 1.2.43[edit]

  • PluggyLink
    • Thanks to OBSE, Pluggy and a great little script that Kyoma has written it is now possible to have TES4View running on one screen while playing on the other (if you have more then one screen) and automatically show you details about whatever you currently have in your crosshair
    • You need to have OBSE 14a or newer installed
    • You need to have Pluggy v45 or newer installed
    • Place the TES4ViewLink.esp in your data folder and activate it, load order doesn't matter
    • while the game is running you can use the following keys:
      • P - pauses/unpauses the logging
      • O - when pause, writes a single log entry of whatever you are looking at
      • Shift+O - Asks for a comment which will be stored togehter with the log entry
    • the log files are stored in ...\My Documents\My Games\oblivion\Pluggy\User Files\
      • PluggyTES4ViewWorld.csv contains information about whatever is in your crosshair
      • PluggyTES4ViewInventory.csv contains information about all equipped items
      • PluggyTES4ViewSpells.csv contains information about the currently active spell
    • When loading TES4View, make sure to load exactly the same mods in the same order as the game engine (which is standard if you just click ok...). After TES4View is fully loaded, right click on the line at the top that identifies the currently selected record. You will get a menu:
      • Reference - the REFR, ACHR or ACRE record that places whatever is in the crosshair in the game world. Automatically falls back to Base Object if the record is a savegame record (FormID starting with FF)
      • Base Object - the record that is referenced by the NAME subrecord of the REFR, ACHR or ACRE record under the crosshair
      • Inventory - the last equipped item
      • Enchantment - the enchantment of the last equipped item
      • Spell - the currently active spell
    • With one of these options active, TES4View will automatically update the current record if a new entry is written into the appropriate log file by the script in TES4ViewLink.esp
  • updated modgroups
  • Fixed the placement and rotation of objects placed through a script
  • New script which contains the so far confirmed window placements. Thanks Leandro Conde and DuggeDank !!!