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King Athyn Llethan
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Died 3E 427
Resided in Morrowind

King Athyn Llethan was the figurehead Dunmer ruler of Mournhold known as the "Grace of All Gods, King of Morrowind, Duke of Mournhold; Defender of the People and the Law; Loyal Servant of the Emperor and Empire", etc.[1][2] He was the uncle and successor to Queen Barenziah after the Arnesian War in 3E 396, and he was himself succeeded by his great-nephew Hlaalu Helseth.[3] His chosen heir had been his beloved nephew, Talen Vandas, although he died, apparently in a hunting accident, shortly before Athyn himself. Shortly before his death, he was dealing with complaints about high tariffs on liquor.[4][5] It's rumored Helseth poisoned him, and was also involved in Talen's death.[6] King Llethan was survived by his wife, Ravani Llethan.


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