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ESO 2023 Chapter Preview Event Books

The 2023 ESO Chapter Preview Event in Las Vegas featured several lore book pages as decor, which featured brand new text content. When asked, the loremaster and community managers couldn't recall who was responsible for their creation. The texts were posted on the internet by The Imperial Library Twitter account here and here. The following is a transcription of these texts.

Page #1

Dear Seeker,

May the blessings of Arkay, the Divine of Life and Death, be upon you.

As a monk devoted to the study of the Elder Scrolls, I believe the cycle of life and death is an essential part of the natural order of things. Arkay teaches us that death is not the end, but a transition to a new beginning.

In our mortal lives, we must strive to live with honor and virtue, so that when our time comes, we may pass peacefully into the next realm. Let us remember that death is not something to be feared, but a part of the grand design of the universe.

May Arkay guide and protect you on your journey, Seeker...

Page #2

The Lost Art of Enchanting

by Ilrathion, Master Enchanter


Enchanting is a powerful and ancient art that allows mages to imbue objects with magical properties. Unfortunately, over the centuries, much of the knowledge and techniques of enchanting have been lost, leaving only a handful of skilled enchanters in the world. This book aims to rectify that, by providing a comprehensive guide to the lost art of enchanting.

Chapter 1: The Basics

Enchanting is the process of imbuing an object with magical properties, such as increased strength, enhanced speed, or the ability to heal wounds. The process involves using soul gems to capture the soul of a creature or person, and then using that soul to power the enchantment.

Page #3

The Real Barenziah, Part III

Ilrathion, Master Enchanter

After leaving Mournhold, Barenziah continued her travels with her companion, the Khajiit Therris. They journeyed to the city of Riften, where they found work as hired blades for the local thieves' guild. Under the tutelage of the guild's leader, a mysterious figure known only as "the Gray Fox," Barenziah and Therris learned the art of burglary, pickpocketing, and other forms of thievery.

During her time in Riften, Barenziah became embroiled in a dangerous game of intrigue and deception. The Gray Fox tasked her with stealing a valuable gem from a rival thieves' guild in the neighboring city of Windhelm. Barenziah agreed, but soon found herself caught in a web of lies and double-crosses.

It turned out that the rival guild was actually a front for a powerful wizard who was using the gem to fuel his dark magic. Barenziah and

Page #4

"There are three kinds of people in the world: those who drink, those who don't, and those who wish they had."

"Alcohol may not solve your problems, but it's worth a shot."

"Ale is like a woman: both can warm your bed and your heart, but beware of the morning after."

"Drinking alone is like talking to yourself, except you get a much better response."

"If you think alcohol is a problem, then you're clearly not drinking enough of it.

"Never trust a man who doesn't drink. He's probably a spy."

"Whiskey is the key to a woman's heart. If it doesn't fit, try a bigger key."

Inworld Arcade Advertisement

Token Well

[UESP Editor's Note: The original leaflet has an image of a well with an arcade token in it]

Deep within the ruins of the Dwemer lies a mysterious well filled with ancient tokens resembling those used in arcades of old; some believe they activate advanced machines, imbued with magic. The well is said to a be treasure trove of the tokens, attracting adventurers from all corners of Tamriel.