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Current Status: After a somewhat lengthy break, I'm back to participate in the community a bit more and try to focus on some pet projects I've been meaning to do. -damon  talkcontribs
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  • UESP has 65,956 content articles.
  • There are 104,130 files on UESP
  • There are 100,394 registered users on UESP.
  • Today is Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 04/1/2020
  • It is now 23:22 (UTC)
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Wiki.png This user has made a grand total of   4,717 edits in 3135 days.
Wiki.png This user has been on UESPWiki for 8 years and 7 months.

My name is Damon McKnight, I'm 27 years old, and I do many things, including, but not limited to editing and chatting here, playing video games (namely TES, Civilization, Football Manager, and Assassin's Creed), and drinking. I've been around the wiki since 2008 using it as my source for all things Morrowind, and I started editing regularly as a user in September 2011, at which point I was known as Sn0L3prd, then better known as Eric Snowmane (which many people call me - Eric, Snowmane, or Damon).

If you want to talk to me, go to my talk page.

Transparent.gif On UESP  

I do a little bit of everything. There isn't a single thing or even a few things that I can claim I am the master of, but if you want fast general knowledge, I'm more than likely able to help out with that, and I encourage users to ask questions if they have them. The long row of userboxes will let you know what things I can help out with.

I am a former Patroller and former Blocker, roles I held from early 2012 until I opted to resign from those positions simultaneously in October 2017. That said, a message can still be shot to me on my talk page, via email, or via the Discord if you have any questions you want to throw by me about the positions.

Transparent.gif Gameplay  
  • c. 2008 - I first start playing The Elder Scrolls when I get Morrowind for the original Xbox.
  • August 2011 - First play Oblivion on PC and start getting into modding
  • Sept. 1, 2011 - Join the UESP to read and potentially edit for Morrowind, completely oblivious to the fact that a new Elder Scrolls game was on the way
  • December 2011 - I get Skyrim.
  • May 2012 - Read The Infernal City, but I didn't like it enough to want to read the sequel
  • Summer 2013 - I get Morrowind GOTY on PC and start learning how to create my own mods on my favorite Elder Scrolls game
  • June 2016 - Installed ESO after owning it for 8 months, but between long load times and the annoyance of other players, I give up on the game after struggling to want to get into the story
  • Early 2017 - I give Legends a go, but since I've never understood what was fun about those kids' card game things, I couldn't remain interested in Legends for more than about a week. But, hey, it was free I guess.
  • March 2018 - I have previously played the Skyrim DLC on another person's PlayStation, but I finally felt up to buying all of the official DLC for myself on Steam for a new Skyrim character to get back into The Elder Scrolls.
  • April 2019 - It took way to friggin' long, but Blades is finally out and I've been playing and enjoying that on my iPhone.
  • September 2019: - I revisit ESO as the Daggerfall Covenant with a mage-Templar character and finally sink into the game enough to regularly play it. I also join the UESP ESO guild.
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I will try to remember to tag them with {{Editing Allowed}} and let everyone edit them, since extra eyes are helpful, but I tend to be forgetful of things. All sandboxes, tagged with the template or not, can be considered editable by all users, unless I specifically indicate on the page that I want to only permit certain users.

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