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If you need to contact me, then leave a message on my talk page or send me an email, and I shall reply to it as soon as I can.

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About Me

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My name is Damon McKnight, I'm 25 years old, and my favorite game genres are fantasy/adventure RPGs (like TES :D) and Real Time Strategy (Age of Empires, Command and Conquer). I got into the TES series in 2008 (or 2009?) with Morrowind, and UESP has always been my source for all things related to the Elder Scrolls, although I didn't actually sign up on the wiki until September 2011 a few weeks after getting Oblivion.

I am a Patroller, Mentor, and Blocker on the site, in terms of rank, so if you have a question about the site, I'll mentor you, and if there is vandalism, but no administrator on hand to block them, hit my talk page, and I'll get it taken care of.

Anything else you care to know? Just ask.

My TES History

I started playing The Elder Scrolls with Morrowind, circa 2008, and I've easily clocked several thousand hours of play and a few hundred characters. I can comfortably say that I've done most of what the game and the expansions have to offer. That said, I still completely adore the game, and I am constantly coming up with new play styles to test out.

In August 2011, I moved on to Oblivion, but the game wasn't the same as the alien world that I fell in love with, and after two or three vanilla playthroughs, I modded a TES game for the first time since starting the series almost three years before that. Now, I've got Oblivion modded to the point where I can't remember what's vanilla or modded. And, I think I need to make a reinstall and slowly re-add mods until I find out which one completely trashed the game. Needless to say, I've modded the game to the point where very little of it is still original, and that many mods makes the game completely unstable.

In December 2011, I joined the Skyrim craze, and while the game was fun for the first one or two hundred hours, I quickly found that the guild stories were weak, and except for random running around to examine the beautiful landscape, I've largely stopped playing the game, opting to wait until the buggy mess it fixed up, all available DLC is out, and there are cool user mods to use in order to freshen up the gameplay.

My next purchase in the TES series was in May 2012, when I purchased The Infernal City while I was on a long road trip across the country and I needed reading material to occupy my mind. It was alright for the first reading or so, and I've read it a few times, though I'm not in the biggest rush to get the other novel.

In mid-late 2013 I was gifted from another user that I'm good friends with a physical disc set of the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind, marking my first foray into the Morrowind modding scene, as I was previously playing the GOTY Xbox version.

In late 2015 I started tinkering with Daggerfall. Still haven't beaten it, quite lost and I tend to struggle with the controls at times, but it's an entertaining enough game. (Why can't I have an eyepatch in other TES games?!?)

In August or September 2015, after The Elder Scrolls Online rebranded as Tamriel Unlimited, I went out and purchased it... Didn't install it until June 2016 since I'm lazy, though... And while I don't dislike MMOs, I don't prefer them over other games. Still, I'll give it its fair chance at play rather than just knocking it all the time, I guess. My ESO ID is UESPSnowmane, to the other UESPers who want to add me as a friend, though I'll admit I won't be playing it with other people if I can get away with going solo at times.


  • Characters- For gameplay, fanfiction, and other random things
  • The Vampire's Tale- The Redguard Gallen loses his family to vampire attacks,



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