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BK-cover-The Elder Scrolls- The Official Survival Guide to Tamriel.jpg
Release Date March 26, 2024
Setting Tamriel
Author(s) Tori Schafer
Publisher Insight Editions
ISBN 978-164722-520-9

979-8-88663-112-8 (Ebook)

Pages 176

245 (Ebook)

The Elder Scrolls: The Official Survival Guide to Tamriel is a book written by Tori Schafer and illustrated by Erika Hollice. The book was published by Insight Editions and released on March 5, 2024.

About the Book[edit]

Enter the expansive world of The Elder Scrolls Online and discover how to survive the wilds of Tamriel!

Based on the award-winning Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls Online: The Official Survival Guide to Tamriel is the ultimate guide to surviving the harsh and stunning landscape of Tamriel. This deluxe volume features incredible tips, tricks, and information to not only help you make your way through Tamriel, but provide solid advice in the real world as well.

· Everything you need to know. Tamriel is a harsh world, with many, many dangers. Find the tips and tricks you need to survive the perilous encounters there...and in the real world.

· Don’t cut your adventuring life short! Learn how to dress a wound, how to survive encounters with wildlife, and even how best to pack for the adventuring life.

· A stunning addition to your collection. Featuring exclusive artwork and packed full of lore, this premium hardcover book is a must have for every Elder Scrolls fan.[1][2]


The book, as the title implies, is a guidebook that gives tips for survival - not only on how to avoid danger and stay alive when encountering it, but also gives some information on some of the cultures and factions of Tamriel in case the reader comes into contact with them.


Ja'dasha — The author of the book, a Khajiit Baandari Pedlar.
"No-Tail" Ta'dashi — Ja'dasha's uncle, who lost his tail to frostbite.
Urza — An Orc woman Ja'dasha met in Summerset, having also been denied lodging. She shared her knowledge of camping in the wilderness with Ja'dasha.


The Proper Supplies
Clash with the Cold
Meeting a Bear
Surviving the Heat
Sea Travel
Wound Care
Be Wary of Thieves
Surviving an Abduction
How to Survive a Plunge from a Waterfall
A Guide to Furstocks
Black Marsh
Dangers of the Marsh
Black Marsh Wildlife
What are the Hist?
The Great Houses
Avoiding (Legal) Assassinations
Volcano Safety
The Tribunal
High Rock
Finding your Direction
Horse Riding
The Orcs
The Green Pact
Meat on the Menu
Water Worries
Summerset Isle
Magic and Mages
Recovering from Magical Attacks
The Fundamentals of Camping
The Daedric Planes
A Primer on Daedric Princes
Daedric Cults



  • Despite being branded as an Elder Scrolls Online product, it erroneously uses the term "septims" for currency.